DST costs more than saves more

By Marc Castro

Nov 02, 2013 07:11 AM EDT

WIth temperatures falling and landscapes needing less tending, these are the reminders that daylight savings time would be coming to an end by Sunday. The exact end of the Daylight Savings Time would be 2 am Sunday.

There are a few reminders for people who have trouble keeping up with the DST. This would include the need to set back all clocks in your area by one hour before going to bed.

This practice was first established 230 years ago, when Benjamin Franklin said that people had slept into the morning daylight and burned candles at night, which was a waste of valuable resources then. The purpose was to conserve energy, but with  the advancements of technology, the practice may not justify the lost work hours following such an antiquated practice. 

The economic effects are very clear. According to a study by SleepBetter.org, moving the clock an hour ahead results in USD434 million worth of losses to the US economic machinery. This comes from increased work accidents and lower productivity due to fatigue from waking up earlier as well as waiting for the adrenaline to kick in at work. 

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