Fed finally rolls out new USD 100 bills

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Oct 08, 2013 05:35 AM EDT

The Federal Reserve would be distributing its new USD 100 bills finally to banks on Tuesday. The new bills had features that makes counterfeiting more difficult. These include a 3D blue security ribbon and color-shifting ink. When the bill is tilted, the color would shift from copper to green. The new bill also has the number 100 in gold ink on the front and back. 

According to CNN News, the new design was supposed to be delivered to banks for printing in 2011. However, printing problems delayed the bill's debut by about two years. CNN further reported that as of last year, there are 8.6 billion USD 100 bills in circulation. Over 75% of the USD 1 trillion currency currently being circulated is in denominations of USD 100.

NBC News reported that the new USD 100 bills cost a little below USD 0.08 each to produce. The Federal Reserve's proposed printing budget this year is close to 7% higher than last year's. The agency's website attributed the increase to the printing of more expensive USD 100 notes. 

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