Barking Mad! Shoppers Slam Australian Retailer Bunnings After Finding Dog Droppings

By Jose Resurreccion

Jul 09, 2024 11:57 PM EDT

Barking Mad! Shoppers Slam Australian Retailer Bunnings After Finding Dog Droppings
People queue to receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a Bunnings hardware store on October 16, 2021 in Brisbane, Australia.
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Several shoppers of the Australian retailer Bunnings Warehouse expressed disgust over its pet policy in stores after a customer shared her experience on social media, claiming to have encountered what she claimed were dog droppings. 

Local broadcaster 7NEWS reported that the shopper had encountered what she believed were canine feces. The woman said that she only discovered it when one of the wheels of her trolley rolled "right over it."

It is understood that the woman shared her experience on Reddit on Tuesday (July 9). She said that she emailed the store and was informed that dogs "behaving badly" would be removed. 

However, the woman, who said she was a dog lover and owns two herself, retorted that dogs were only doing what they normally do. She added that she called out customers not picking up after pets and other pet nightmares, such as dog fights and leashes wrapping around customers' legs. 

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Shoppers Concerned over Bunnings' Pet Policy

In the aftermath of the canine catastrophe, several Redditors concurred with the woman, saying that, as much as they would like to have pets in stores, it would be for the welfare of everyone if they are humanely left at home if they are not service dogs. 

Others commented on the laziness of dog owners who do not pick up after their pets. 

Previously, a Bunnings worker appealed for dog owners to leave their pets at home as staff are upset about cleaning up after them.

Bunnings chief customer officer Rachael McVitty said that it "welcomes" assistance animals and pets who come to stores on a leash but insisted that their owners maintain control of them at all times, including cleaning up after them. 

The Daily Mail additionally reported that a couple was criticized for allowing their pet dog to sit on a Guzman y Gomez countertop while eating at a Sydney location. 

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