Vending Machines That Sell Bullets for Guns Launched at US Supermarkets

By Trisha Andrada

Jul 09, 2024 02:55 AM EDT

American Rounds vending machine
(Photo : American Rounds / YouTube)

American Rounds installed automated kiosks for ammunition in grocery stores to increase bullet availability for gun owners in three areas throughout the United States.

How This Works

Customers in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas may now get ammunition for their shotguns, rifles, and handguns just by scanning their ID on vending machines made by American Rounds.

According to The Telegraph, the firm claims their devices are as user-friendly as ATMs. On its website, it boasts that the automatic ammo dispensers are available all day and night, so customers may purchase ammunition whenever it is convenient for them, without worrying about shop hours or standing in line.

The machines have built-in artificial intelligence technology, card scanning capacity, and facial recognition software that may verify whether a customer is at least 18 years old and the ID matches their face.

After scanning their ID, customers may choose the ammo they want to purchase on a touchscreen and retrieve it via a hole at the bottom of the machine.

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Where To Buy

The first Automated Ammo Retail Machine (AARM) was set up last November at a Fresh Value supermarket in Pell City, Alabama. Currently, it has four installations in Oklahoma and one in Texas, with further installations planned for Louisiana and Colorado, where hunting is popular.

The number of shop requests for AARM devices is presently above 200 and is rising every day, CEO Grant Magers told Quartz. These requests encompass over nine states.

Magers emphasized that the machines are a more secure option than purchasing ammo from a store or online and that the firm supports law-abiding, responsible gun ownership.

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