Andrew Tate and Brother Tristan Accused of Dodging $26.46 Million in Tax and VAT, Court Hears

By Madz Dizon

Jul 08, 2024 05:57 PM EDT

Andrew Tate and Brother Tristan Accused of Dodging $26.46 Million in Tax and VAT, Court Hears
British-US former professional kickboxer and controversial influencer Andrew Tate (L) and his brother Tristan Tate (R) speak to journalists after having been released from detention in Bucharest, Romania on March 12, 2024, after they appeared in a court after Romanian police detained them over UK sex offence charges.
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During the court hearing, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been accused of evading taxes on their significant earnings of $26.46 million from their online businesses and OnlyFans accounts.

They were classified as individuals who have not contributed any taxes or VAT.

Tate Brothers Labeled as Non-Contributors to Tax and VAT 

The Devon and Cornwall Police have initiated a civil claim against the brothers and a woman, identified as J, for unpaid taxes, as revealed in the proceedings at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday, July 8.

The authorities are currently attempting to recover around $3.53 million in unpaid taxes from seven bank accounts that are connected to the brothers and have been frozen, The Independent reported.

The siblings, along with an individual identified as J, have been charged with evading taxes on significant revenue generated from online businesses over the course of eight years. 

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that the brothers possessed a significant number of bank accounts in the UK, with seven of them currently being frozen.

Sarah Clarke, a spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police, revealed that a significant amount of money flowed through various UK bank accounts, serving as a means to transfer revenues from business activities across a large number of accounts.

During her court testimony, she vividly described the actions that constitute tax evasion and money laundering.

According to the court, the Tates are facing allegations of tax evasion and money laundering in both the UK and Romania.

According to reports, the brothers allegedly deposited nearly $12 million into an account under J's name and also opened a separate account in her name, despite her lack of involvement in their business ventures.

Funds from various businesses, such as Cobra Tate, Hustlers' University, and War Room, were deposited into the initial account, which was managed by Stripe. The majority of outgoing payments were directed to one of Andrew Tate's accounts.

The account was made in February 2019 under J's name, but with an incorrect date of birth. Both Andrew Tate and J submitted their respective driving licenses as proof of identity and address to the payment service provider. Tate submitted his in October 2019, while J submitted hers in June 2022.

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Andrew and Tristan Tate Previously Accused of Tax Evasion in Romania

The proceedings are conducted in a civil manner, employing a standard of proof that is less stringent than that used in criminal cases. Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring is responsible for determining, based on the balance of probabilities, the veracity of the police's claims.

Gary Pons, representing J, made the case that the funds held in the Gemini account were in the form of cryptocurrency, which meant they could not be frozen at that particular moment.

The case has been postponed until Tuesday, July 9. The assertion arises following the brothers' jubilation over a recent legal triumph. Today, Romanian courts granted them the freedom to depart the country, marking their first opportunity to do so in two years.

In June, Romanian prosecutors filed formal charges against Tate, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian women in connection with the same case.

All four individuals were apprehended in late December 2022 in the vicinity of Bucharest and have vehemently refuted the accusations leveled against them.

A representative for the brothers announced that the Romanian courts have made a favorable ruling for Andrew and Tristan Tate. As a result, travel restrictions within the European Union have been lifted. The spokesperson emphasized that this decision is a significant triumph and a significant advancement in the ongoing case, according to Daily Mail.

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