Titans Employee and Instagram Model Arrested After Altercation at Nashville Bar

By Madz Dizon

Jun 22, 2024 05:15 AM EDT

Titans Employee and Instagram Model Arrested After Altercation at Nashville Bar

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Tennessee Titans sales executive and Instagram model Mary-Kate Wichalonis was apprehended last Tuesday (June 18) at Dierks Bentley's bar, Whiskey Row, in downtown Nashville after purportedly struck a security guard six times in the head.

Titans Exec, Instagram Model Attacks Bar Security

According to Metro Nashville Police, the altercation started when Wichalonis attempted to bring an additional person into the bar without permission. 

One of the security guards intercepted her, leading to a confrontation with Wichalonis and the alleged assault. Multiple individuals were required to intervene and halt the altercation, American Songwriter reported.

Wichalonis mentioned that she was trying to discreetly bring her boyfriend into the bar due to his misplaced driver's license.

Altercations are prone to occur at any bar in downtown Nashville when alcohol is being consumed, and law enforcement officials stated that they were content with issuing her a citation instead of making an arrest.

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Social Media Model Arrested After Refusing Fingerprints in Nashville

The social media model almost escaped with just a citation, according to the police report collected by Scoop Nashville, until she declined to provide her fingerprints to Nashville police officers.

According to the New York Post, Wichalonis was apprehended and faced charges for public intoxication and assault in the early hours of Wednesday morning (June 19).

She was then released from jail on a pre-trial basis after posting a bond of $1,100.  Wichalonis had been a part of the Titans sales team for approximately five months, commemorating her hiring with a post on social media in February.

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