Meta Launches First AI-Powered Ad Targeting Program for WhatsApp

By Madz Dizon

Jun 07, 2024 06:27 PM EDT

Meta Launches First AI-Powered Ad Targeting Program for WhatsApp
The US instant messaging software Whatsapp's logo on a smartphone screen in Moscow.
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At a conference in Brazil, Meta announced the launch of its new AI-driven ad targeting program for businesses on WhatsApp.

According to Reuters, this move is aimed at generating revenue from the widely-used chat service. During the event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new tools in a video presentation.

Meta Unveils New AI Tools for WhatsApp Business

During the conference, Meta unveiled a new AI chatbot that can handle business inquiries through chat.

This is seen as an initial step towards Zuckerberg's vision of persuading businesses to rely on automated tools for their communication needs. 

In recent years, the social media giant has been steadily rolling out commerce and payment features on its app.

One notable addition is the "business messaging" tools, which allow companies to engage in customer service chats and send marketing materials to users who have provided their phone numbers.

In the past, those tools were not very precise and were used to send mass messages to all users who had agreed to receive the company's communications.

The new AI tools will analyze user behavior on Facebook and Instagram to tailor messages to customers who are more likely to be interested in them, as long as these customers have the same opted-in phone number across their accounts.

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Meta's Expansion in AI Prowess

Meta has been increasingly focused on monetizing WhatsApp, its largest app in terms of daily users.

Despite its immense popularity and the staggering $22 billion acquisition price in 2014, the service has only made a small contribution to Meta's overall revenue.

The chatbot is designed to help users with common inquiries like locating catalogs or checking business hours, just like other customer service platforms that use artificial intelligence.

Meta has recently unveiled a range of AI tools that enable the creation of personalized images and text overlays directly within advertisements.

According to PC Tablet, this feature helps businesses create content that is tailored and captivating, effortlessly adapting to various platforms​​. 

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