Why Kim Jong Un Banned Red Lipsticks in North Korea? Here’s the Shocking Truth!

By Madz Dizon

May 10, 2024 11:01 PM EDT

Why Kim Jong Un Banned Red Lipsticks in North Korea? Here’s the Shocking Truth!

(Photo : Carl Court/Getty Images)

In North Korea, the availability of popular global fashion and cosmetics brands is extremely limited. There is a strong prohibition, particularly regarding the application of red lipstick.

North Korea's Red Lipstick Ban Reflects Dictatorial Ideology

The prohibition on wearing red lipstick in North Korea goes beyond mere fashion guidelines. This law is strongly influenced by the dictator's ideology. 

Red is commonly seen as a representation of freedom. However, there is a belief that women who wear red lipstick are considered attractive, which some argue may have negative effects on societal values. 

In a move aligned with the conservative ideology of the North Korean government, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has implemented a ban on red lipstick and introduced a law restricting women to wearing only minimalistic makeup.

According to News18, North Korea has specific rules regarding hairstyles. There are restrictions on women's hairstyles and hair length. 

It is recommended to maintain a short and well-groomed hairstyle. In addition to the strict regulations, hair coloring is also prohibited in the country. 

The country's supreme leader has recently approved a specific number of hairstyles for both men and women, allowing for a limited selection. 

All citizens are required to adhere to approved hairstyles or face severe consequences.

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Penalties for Non-Compliance with North Korean Fashion Laws

As per a report from Times Now, the North Korean government has hired numerous individuals to scrutinize the appearance of women. 

The government also employs a range of strategies to ensure compliance with laws regarding personal fashion. 

Authorities regularly conduct checks to ensure compliance with the rules, and those who do not follow them face significant penalties. 

The government asserts that these measures are essential for upholding their authority and safeguarding against outside influences.

In such a situation, it is recommended to opt for a lighter shade of lipstick instead of a bold red.

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