Australian Facial Recognition Company Outabox's Biometrics Breached by Hackers

By Thea Felicity

May 02, 2024 02:02 PM EDT

A view shows an iAccess ScanFACE control biometric terminal, with facial recognition and body temperature control, as visitors arrive at the Colosseum monument which reopens to the public on June 1, 2020 in Rome, while the country eases its lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19 infection, caused by the novel coronavirus. - The Colosseum monument reopens on June 1, 2020 after having been closed since March 8, 2020, with adequate sanitary protection for staff and visitors, secure routes, compulsory reservations and modified schedules to avoid crowds at peak times.
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Outabox, an Australian company specializing in facial recognition technology, faces scrutiny and legal action following a major breach of personal data. According to Wired, this proves the growing concerns surrounding the privacy risks associated with biometric data collection. 

The breach, which exposed sensitive personal data of patrons, including facial recognition biometrics, driver's license scans, signatures, club membership details, addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, club visit timestamps, and even slot machine usage records, prompted swift action from law enforcement agencies and privacy advocates alike. 

Amidst the controversy, a website ominously titled "Have I Been Outaboxed," allegedly created by former Outabox developers, emerged, claiming to possess over a million records of individuals impacted by the breach. 

Outabox has issued statements acknowledging the incident and assuring cooperation with authorities, but skepticism remains regarding the company's internal controls and data security measures. 

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Aftermath of Outabox Biometric Data Breach

As a result of the breach and the exposure of sensitive personal data, law enforcement agencies are taking action by investigating the matter and apprehending individuals suspected of wrongdoing. The breach's perpetrators may be subject to criminal prosecution and other legal repercussions. 

Meanwhile, privacy advocates and cybersecurity experts have called for stronger regulatory frameworks and stringent safeguards to protect individuals' biometric data, underlining the need for reform and heightened vigilance in an increasingly digitized world.

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