Heart Health Warriors: Artella Solutions Inc. Wielding the Sword of Innovation in the Battle Against Cardiac Disease

By David Thompson

Apr 28, 2024 11:48 PM EDT

Sepand Moshiri, President and CEO of Artella Solutions Inc. (ARTELLA)(Sepand Moshiri, President and CEO of Artella Solutions Inc. (ARTELLA)) (Credit: Getty Image)

Heart disease is a killer. It claims a life every 37 seconds; it is the cause of around 700,000 deaths per year. And it continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide for both men and women. One of the best approaches to combat cardiovascular disease is through preventive cardiology. Regular cardiovascular checkups are especially important for those individuals at risk of heart disease or other conditions that impact heart health. While the use of 12-lead electrocardiograms (EKG) for cardiovascular wellness is helpful, they are time-consuming due to strained resources (staff and time) and where they are administered (at overworked and understaffed clinics and hospitals).

Fortunately, Artella Solutions Inc. (ARTELLA) is taking up the cause and fighting back with innovative holistic solutions that go beyond clinical ECGs or EKGs. As a result, they are playing a crucial role in helping manage cardiac conditions and patient well-being from care to cure. "Our solution is comprehensive," explains President and CEO Sepand Moshiri, "We have the most comprehensive differentiator in the industry focused on three components: hardware, software, and service. This is exemplified by our small, cutting-edge, wireless device patch, coupled with a full-access software package that is monitored with unmatched precision by our certified CCI technicians."

ARTELLA's Hardware, Software, and SaaS

ARTELLA's hardware is a wearable wireless device patch that is designed for ongoing monitoring of cardiac activity. Don't let the small elegant patch fool you; it has big capabilities. It is light, discrete, and unobtrusive for the wearer, but its sensors are able to detect and record abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias), heart rate, and other metrics related to heart function that can be used to provide healthcare providers with real-time patient data outside the confines of a hospital or a clinic. ARTELLA's full-access data software package, of course, includes monitoring by their Certified Cardiographic Technicians (CCTs), who specialize in administering ECGs and other cardiovascular tests. 

ARTELLA's comprehensive suite of solutions goes beyond simple monitoring by offering a range of tailored services designed to enhance the user experience for both patients and healthcare providers. For cardiac patients, this means gaining the ability to effectively manage their condition with greater flexibility and empowering them to maintain their health from the comfort of their own homes and reducing the need for frequent clinic or hospital visits.

Healthcare in Real-Time

For healthcare providers, ARTELLA provides a seamless system that addresses all their diagnostic needs in this industry. Physicians can effortlessly monitor patients' cardiac health in true real-time, accurately diagnose conditions, and tailor treatment plans based on that data. This integrated approach streamlines the entire care process, enabling healthcare professionals to allocate their time and resources more efficiently, which will ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Moshiri shares the story of one patient. "He went into complete heart block, and within four minutes of the CCT seeing that type of recording from our patch, he and his physician were called and directed to get to the ER, and subsequently, he was given the life-saving care he needed."

At ARTELLA, they also prioritize transparency by offering clinics unrestricted access to all collected data and information at any time. "Our advanced technology allows for seamless data collection, real-time streaming and effortless integration into our proprietary online health platform, ensuring accessibility and compatibility across various devices," Moshiri explains. 

Moreover, healthcare professionals can choose to either personally manage ARTELLA's devices or have them sent directly to patients or to their homes. Their specialized customer service team consists of certified cardiology medical assistants who not only supervise patient adherence but also track device and gateway phone battery levels throughout the assessment period.

The Future of ARTELLA Is Bright

Currently, ARTELLA produces, markets and distributes the hardware, the software and the proprietary mobile ECG platform. They bill the patient's insurance via their split-bill services through their own Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). ARTELLA also offers monthly subscription and report fee services aimed at healthcare providers for use of their complete model. Moshiri shares, "We have accomplished a great deal on a shoestring budget, and there is more to come."

Like all industries, artificial intelligence is also making an impact on the mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) space. ARTELLA is already utilizing machine learning and AI to analyze and interpret specific data. Moshiri adds, "We anticipate future collaborations with similar-minded organizations to further enhance our offerings for patients and providers." To move towards that goal, Moshiri co-founded the holding company CorMedica Group Inc., which is focused on acquisitions and growth of MedTech companies that complement their expanding offerings of SaaS solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. "It's also exciting to be outlining strategies for a potential initial public offering scheduled for the middle or end of 2025."

In the fight against heart disease and other conditions affecting the heart, ARTELLA Solutions Inc., its Co-Founder Sepand Moshiri, Chairman Larry Lawson, and EVPs Jacinta Fitzsimons and Joseph Hashim are picking up the sword and going to battle. Through their innovative hardware, software, and elite service, ARTELLA empowers both patients and healthcare providers with the tools they need to manage cardiac health proactively. ARTELLA is creating a future where heart disease is no longer a leading cause of mortality but rather a condition that can be effectively managed and treated with precision and efficiency.

By providing transparent and continuous ECG data collection from anywhere, ARTELLA empowers healthcare providers to make informed patient care decisions with proactive treatment plans. As ARTELLA evolves, it advances remote patient monitoring for the better by delivering unparalleled value to its end users with one system that meets their real-time diagnostic needs.

About Artella Solutions Inc.

For patients:

Artella Solutions Inc. is a forward-thinking digital healthcare company monitoring patients' heart rhythms and assisting physicians' paths from care to cure using the latest patch technology and artificial intelligence to detect and capture abnormal changes in heart rhythms.

For physicians:

Artella Solutions Inc. provides healthcare providers with one system that meets their real-time diagnostic data needs for immediate viewing while advancing the well-being of their patients with heart rhythm disorders to ensure the best clinical outcomes and economic benefits.

For more information about Artella Solutions and their remote cardiac monitoring solutions, please visit artellainc.com.

"We are proud to lead the way in The Art of Remote Cardiac Monitoring."

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