Android zaps iOS dead for tablet supremacy

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 30, 2013 09:28 AM EDT

While all eyes are on the smartphone race, the competition for tablet sales drew attention with the latest quarterly reports. Despite struggling during the initial phase of the tablet wars, companies involved with tablets enjoyed better results due to the industry's global shift to mobile.

Analysts believe that the iPhone caused this shift, which drew all attention to the smartphone. Apple was expected to dominate the mobile gadget in its entirety, but the tablet race seemed to tell a different story. The iPad was trailing behind Android.

According to this year's second quarter results, Android stomped all competition with a 67% market share. Last year, Android held more than half of the total market with 51.4%. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS declined to 28.3% market share from last year's 47.2%.

Many financial analysts blame the pricing of Apple's gadgets for its decline. They said that the expensive iPad and iPhone series became an asset for much cheaper Android gadgets. Free applications from Google and Android also contributed to the latter's rise in the tablet industry, analysts explained.

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