Keri Ports Unveils the Power of Intuition to Empower Women

By David Thompson

Apr 22, 2024 04:22 AM EDT

Keri Ports(Keri Ports) (Credit: Getty Image)

Amid life's hustle and bustle, destiny reveals itself not as a distant concept but as a palpable force intricately woven into the very fabric of our existence. It's the chance encounter that redirects our path, the surprising twist of fate sparking profound growth, or the unexplainable pull toward a path that defies logic but resonates deeply with our hearts.

Yet, despite its undeniable presence, many women hesitate to embrace destiny fully. It's the fear of losing control, the uncertainty of the unknown, or a society that often values reason over intuition.

But by shying away from destiny, are we denying ourselves the magic of the universe? Are we refusing to dance to the cosmic rhythm that pulses through every heartbeat and breath?

And in the face of destiny, Keri Ports lights the way towards clarity, empowerment, and a sense of purpose through the power of intuition.

Keri isn't your typical psychic medium; she's a guide, a mentor, and a healer. 

In a world where destiny often feels distant, Keri urges women to embrace intuition and unlock their profound potential.

Awakening to Destiny:

When we delve into the mysteries of destiny, we embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends time and space, inviting us to embrace the fullness of our being and the limitless potential within. Keri's journey began in the vibrant town of Indialantic, Florida, where her love for travel and creativity blossomed. With a degree in Business and Organizational Communications from Emerson College in Boston, she ventured into Los Angeles' music industry. At first, she dipped her toes into music supervision but soon found herself drawn to the world of acting.

It was her Persian Jewish Great-Grandmother's message that ignited Keri's message that ignited Keri's awakening: "The key is in the door, Keri; you just need to open it." This profound insight prompted her to delve into her latent talents, which she was afraid to explore until she could no longer ignore destiny.

With courage and determination, Keri embraced her abilities, leading her to Santa Fe in 2014—a move guided by Archangel Gabriel himself. This spiritual awakening unearthed a deep connection to the universe and herself, driving her to acquire psychic studies from Arthur Finland College, England.

As an established spiritual coach, Keri offers mediumship readings and guidance, empowering women to connect with their inner wisdom and align with their true purpose.

Empowering Women:

Intuition is like a trusted friend for women, helping them notice subtle cues and gut feelings, gain confidence in decisions, find clarity amidst chaos, unlock hidden potential, and stay true to themselves. It guides them toward fulfilling their destinies, making meaningful choices, and living authentically.

Keri recognizes the importance of tuning into one's intuition, especially during energetic shifts, and aims to empower women lightworkers and healers aged 40–60 with tools and techniques for energy management. With the belief that her guidance can facilitate their holistic growth and life management, Keri focuses on supporting women who sense ongoing energetic shifts. "I'm on a spiritual mission to fulfill their divine purpose," she affirmed.

Motivated by her unwavering commitment to authenticity, transparency, honesty, and integrity, Keri declares, "I am devoted to awakening women's intuition, fostering a deeper connection with the universe, and enriching their life journeys."

With over a decade of expertise, Keri guides individuals toward their destinies through insightful readings, tapping into the energy of divine forces. Keri hosts workshops and conducts readings at over 30 yoga festivals, empowering participants to improve their emotional and physical wellness on their spiritual paths.

Testimonials speak volumes of how Keri has touched these lives. Charanpal Kaur shares how inspired she felt with Keri: "Her talks empowered me, and I am so grateful to turn to her for guidance when needed."

Women embark on self-discovery and empowerment by listening to the whispers of intuition and embracing destiny's call. With Keri Ports illuminating the path ahead, the adventure to find oneself becomes not merely a quest but a transformative journey to embrace inner strength, purpose, and the limitless possibilities that await.

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