Video Semantics provides rich tags for YouTube users

July 30
7:06 AM 2013

Video Semantics, through its mediaTag tagging engine, will allow content producers to automatically insert rich metadata into their YouTube hosted videos. The company's software will create keywords including a wide range of topics from those found in the video itself to related concepts, relevant categories and other information that will be interesting for the user.

This will provide relief for content producers and save them time and effort. In addition, including tags and keywords in a YouTube video results to improved viewability and exposure that could lead to a higher ranking.

"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are among the primary interested groups in this technology," stated Ayman Nassar, Vice President of Product Management at Video Semantics. These SEO companies range from video aggregators to large networks as well as newspapers and other information delivery service firms that offer video content to their audiences.

Even an average YouTube user can earn through ads embedded in their videos. For example, here are 9 of the highest-earning YouTube stars, according to Feediza (per year): (1) Shane Dawson with US$315,000, (2) Real Annoying Orange with US$288,000, (3) Phillip De Franco with US$181,000, (4) Niga Higa with US$151,000, (5) Fred with US$146,000, (6) Shay Carl with US$146,000, (7) Smosh with US$113,000, (8) The Young Turks with US$112,000, and (9) Natalie Tran with US$101,000.

Aside from YouTube, Video Semantics also planned to support Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, and other video management platforms. 

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