Spirit Airlines Staff at Florida Airport Filmed Cursing a 'Karen' Passenger After Moaning About Her Flight

By Madz Dizon

Apr 12, 2024 10:03 AM EDT

Spirit Airlines Staff at Florida Airport Filmed Cursing a 'Karen' Passenger After Moaning About Her Flight
A Spirit Airlines plane takes off at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on June 1, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo : Mario Tama/Getty Images)

An incident occurred at a Florida airport involving a Spirit Airlines staff who became visibly upset and cursed a passenger who was expressing dissatisfaction with her flight experience.

A video capturing the incident, which was later shared on TikTok, depicts a noticeable escalation of tensions as a Spirit Airlines staff verifies a passenger's boarding pass at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Viral Video Shows Heated Dispute Between Spirit Airlines Worker and Passenger

She suddenly requests to look at the boarding pass closely, leading the person recording to speculate that she might intervene to prevent the irate passenger from boarding the flight.

"Show me your boarding pass! I want to see your boarding pass!" she raves in the video, which was shared on TikTok on April 9 and has gained over 8.2 million views.

The two women walk side by side as the situation intensifies before the Spirit Airlines staff eventually exclaims, "F-k you too!"

She then walks away immediately, leaving the crowd in a state of shock, according to NY Post.

   @sightssoundsflavors Things you see when you travel as much as I do. The passenger definitely started it, but the airline employee lost the moral highground when she confronted the passenger for a second time. Initially she told her from the side taht she had a filthy mouth and embarrassed the passenger in front of 5-10 people. The passenger walked away and just kind of took it. The airline employee then came back and in a way wouldn’t let the passenger walk away. This is a very bad look for #spiritairlines but what do I know ‍️ I get passengers can be VERY rude but 99% of the people who saw this weren’t privvy to what tbe passenger may have initially said. I know I wasn’t till after the second encounter when the airline employee said the F-word followed by “too.” #sightssoundsflavors #airport #flying #fortlauderdaleairport #fllairport #hollywoodairport #flightattendant #rudepassenger #boardingpass #cantwalkaway #airline #airlines #viral #trending #foryou #4u #fyp #parati #omg #savetiktok #strengthaddicts #fl #fortlauderdale #hollywoodfl #bullying #payback #abuseofpower ♬ original sound - SightsSoundsFlavors.com    


The TikTok user proceeds to point his camera towards the passenger, asking about the reason behind her use of insults towards the employee. However, she remains silent and walks away without responding.

According to the person recording the incident, the altercation began with the passenger, but the airline employee's moral standing was compromised when she approached the passenger again.

At first, she informed her discreetly that her language was inappropriate and caused discomfort to the passenger in front of a small group of people. The passenger nonchalantly walked away, seemingly unfazed by the situation, the TikToker said.

Opinions were divided on whether the passenger displayed frustration towards a tired employee, or if the worker's actions caused her to lose credibility.

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Spirit Airlines Employee's Response to Situation Was Criticized

Although there are allegations that the customer cursed the employee, the video does not capture any audio before the use of profanity. The person behind the camera inquires about the woman's response, to which she responds with a smile, and a dismissive laugh, and departs.

Despite the filmer's assertion that the employee initiated the confrontation, the events leading up to the video remain unclear.

According to airport officials, they were unable to access the TikTok video because of Florida regulations. The state has implemented a ban on the usage of the social media app on government devices.

Several TikTok users have expressed their criticism towards the actions of the Spirit Airline employee, with some critics mentioning their past experience as agents.

According to Daily Mail, the viral incident is the most recent airport confrontation to capture public attention. On numerous occasions, incidents have occurred where passengers express their anger towards workers or police officers who are attempting to arrest them.

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