From Chore to Connection: How Squeezee App Is Redefining Student Shopping

By David Thompson

Apr 09, 2024 03:36 AM EDT

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No matter what campus they call home, college students are all too familiar with the struggles of balancing their budgets while trying to afford the essentials. From textbooks to toothpaste, the cost of living as a student can quickly add up, leaving many feeling the pinch. But what if there was a solution that helped students save money and brought everyone closer together as a community? Enter Squeezee App, the innovative platform that's changing the game for college students everywhere.

Founder and CEO Shiv Shankar understands the challenges students face when shopping for essential items. "The fact is college students have limited money, and they usually live in a very tight space," Shiv explains. "So it's not like they can just buy in bulk to save money and store it for later."

These constraints—limited budgets, confined living spaces, and the added hurdles of limited transportation—often lead to difficulties in traditional shopping methods for students. However, Squeezee is tackling these challenges head-on by transforming shopping from a chore into a communal experience where connections meet purchases. 

Squeezee App is a community-commerce platform designed specifically for college students. By leveraging the power of group buying, Squeezee connects students to exclusive deals on daily essentials, cultural snacks, beauty and feminine care, and beverages—items students need most. Direct-to-campus deliveries save students time and sidestep crowded stores, offering significant savings with the convenience of free, same-day, and next-day shipping directly to their dorms.

But the Squeezee App goes beyond just saving money—it's a platform for building community. Every student can participate, every student can save, and every student can feel like they're part of a larger community, all working together to make college life more affordable. "This sense of unity doesn't just reduce costs; it builds lasting connections among students," says Shiv.

The platform addresses the main challenges faced by students in traditional shopping by providing convenient solutions. Limited budgets? Squeezee offers competitive pricing and significant savings through group buying. Confined living spaces? No need to buy ten packs of toilet paper just to save money.  By purchasing within the same community or same campus delivery, students receive discounts equal to or potentially greater than buying in bulk. Transportation constraints? Squeezee eliminates the need for students to travel to stores by bringing the shopping experience directly to them. With free campus delivery, students can enjoy the convenience of having essentials delivered right to their doorstep. 

But how does Squeezee ensure competitive pricing while disrupting the traditional retail model? "We buy directly from wholesalers, so we have a 20% to 30% margin by getting rid of the middleman," explains Shiv. "We're giving those margins back to the students."

Squeezee doesn't just stop at offering great deals—it also fosters engagement through gamified experiences and community-building initiatives. With upcoming features like leaderboards and rewards programs, Squeezee encourages social interaction and connects students with shared shopping experiences.

The company's mission is clear: to build a community commerce platform that connects college students to group-buy experiences and unlock BIG savings. Shiv states, "By fostering a community-driven environment, we aim to empower students to maximize their purchasing power, create meaningful connections, and enjoy unparalleled discounts."

By offering competitive pricing, convenient delivery, and fostering engagement through gamified experiences, Squeezee is changing how students shop and connect on college campuses everywhere. Ready to revolutionize your campus shopping experience? Join the waiting list for the Squeezee App today and be the first to experience the future of college group shopping. To join the waitlist, visit

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