Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Passengers Witness View of Rare Celestial Event While Onboard

By Madz Dizon

Apr 08, 2024 10:52 PM EDT

An airplane flies in the path of a partial solar eclipse while seen from Glen Rock on April 08, 2024 in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Millions of people have flocked to areas across North America that are in the "path of totality" in order to experience a total solar eclipse.
(Photo : Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

A remarkable solar eclipse graced various regions of the US on Monday, creating a sense of wonder and resulting in captivating photographs and numerous paper sunglasses being used.

Solar eclipse is shining a spotlight on some of the country's smaller airports. Arriving flights at airports from Burlington, Vermont, to southern Illinois were temporarily halted Monday morning ahead of the total eclipse, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Disruptions like these are a common occurrence due to unfavorable weather conditions and heavy traffic in major urban centers. However, the surge in demand for optimal views of this phenomenon led to congestion at several smaller airports on Monday.

According to NASA, the prime locations to witness the solar eclipse in the US stretch from Texas through Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio to northwestern New York and Maine. FAA traffic adjustments help airports prevent congestion and delays on the ground by allowing them to manage airplane parking more efficiently.

According to a spokesperson from the FAA, the eclipse was highlighted as a significant event during the agency's morning planning call at its command center in Warrenton, Virginia. Additional challenges can arise from factors such as the President's travel schedule, inclement weather, or high-profile sports and entertainment events.

Pilots were previously cautioned by the FAA regarding potential disruptions and increased air traffic at various airports along the path of the eclipse.

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Delta Air Lines Conduct Flights For Solar Eclipse Viewers

According to The Delta News, Delta Air Lines offered unique eclipse flights where passengers had the opportunity to witness the celestial event from the sky. These flights were available from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Detroit, as well as from Austin, Texas, to Detroit.

Due to the limited visibility of the eclipse from the plane, the Delta team took proactive measures by obtaining special permission to make turns during totality. This allowed all passengers on board to witness the eclipse, with approximately two minutes per side.

Meanwhile, several airlines have highlighted flights that provide opportunities to witness the eclipse along its "path of totality." Bookings to San Antonio saw a significant increase during the eclipse, surpassing the numbers from the previous year. Similarly, there was a surge in bookings for Cleveland and Little Rock, Arkansas.

A solar eclipse, similar to the one in 2017, resulted in the moon completely covering the sun, resulting in a temporary transformation from day to night.

Several school districts even decided to close for the day, and businesses generously allowed their employees to take time off so that everyone could fully experience and enjoy the event.

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