Elderly Businessman Viciously Killed by Caretaker for Disturbing His Sleep

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 01, 2024 03:43 AM EDT

An elderly businessman in Patna, India, was killed by his caretaker for allegedly disturbing him while he was sleeping. 

Caretaker in India Kills Elderly Businessman

According to News9Live, the family of 74-year-old businessman Amar Prasad Sahu found him dead when they went to his room to wake him up on Friday morning. 

The murder took place when Sahu's family was not in their home in Sri Krishna Puri. However, after the family members reviewed the CCTV, they discovered who had committed the crime.

The family members immediately filed a complaint against the elderly businessman's caretaker, whom they hired last February 17 through a Delhi-based placement agency to take care of Sahu. Police then immediately arrested caretaker Prakash Kumar Bhowmik.

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Caretaker Kills the Elderly Businessman for Disturbing His Sleep

When the police questioned him, the caretaker told them that he had no intention to kill the elderly businessman. Prakash Kumar Bhowmik said he only wanted to scare Amar Prasad Sahu, as he was disturbing his sleep several times on Thursday night.

In the CCTV footage installed in the deceased's room, family members saw that the caretaker twisted the old man's hands, thrashed him, and threw him on the bed when he pressed the call bell near his bed to wake him up.

The entire incident, which occurred between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. on Thursday, has been recorded in the CCTV camera installed in his room.

The caretaker had reportedly been booked for murder and had been sent to jail. The local police have urged residents to always check the backgrounds of caretakers or servants and their Aadhar cards before hiring them to work in their homes.

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