Hunter Biden Business Partner Confirms Receiving Private Emails From Joe Biden Using 'Robinware456' Alias While VP

By Jace Dela Cruz

Mar 19, 2024 05:08 AM EDT

Hunter Biden business associate Eric Schwerin has revealed to congressional investigators that he communicated with then-Vice President Joe Biden through a private email labeled with a "Robinware456" alias. 

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Hunter Biden Business Associate Says Joe Biden Uses 'Robinware456' Email Alias

According to Fox News, Eric Schwerin's testimony came during a closed-door session in January before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees as part of the House impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

In a transcript of Schwerin's testimony acquired by Fox News Digital, he disclosed that he assisted Biden with various administrative and bookkeeping tasks related to his "household finances between 2009 and 2017." Schwerin also testified that he helped the then-Vice President's accountants prepare his taxes and annual financial disclosure statements.

According to Fox News Digital, as vice president, Biden used email aliases such as "Robinware456" and private email addresses to communicate with his son, Hunter, and his business associates, including Schwerin, between 2010 and 2019.

The communication exchanges reportedly occurred hundreds of times, with most email traffic taking place while Biden was still vice president. According to the House Ways & Means Committee, which leads the impeachment inquiry with the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, about 54 of those emails were exclusively exchanged between Biden and Schwerin. 

When a committee investigator asked Schwerin if an email address labeled "Robinware456" was associated with Biden, he said: "Yes."

Schwerin, described by the Ways & Means Committee as "the architect of the Biden family's shell companies," also identified other email aliases associated with the Bidens, such as "Hurricane5155" for Valerie Biden, the younger sister of Biden and "261penn" for Beau Biden, the president's late son.

Schwerin further noted that the "Robinware456" email address was a "private Gmail account," and it was his "understanding" that "Robert.L.Peters" was also an email address linked to Biden. 

According to Schwerin, his professional relationship with Hunter started during the Clinton administration at the Commerce Department. It continued through their collaboration in founding the investment and advisory firm Rosemont Seneca Partners.

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Hunter Biden Business Associate Says He's Unaware of Joe Biden's Involvement in Family's Business Dealings

House Republicans have been focusing on Hunter Biden's business deals to prove that his father was involved and benefited from his family's business dealings, which is the center of the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

However, Eric Schwerin maintained that he was "not aware" of Joe Biden's involvement in his family's business dealings. According to Fox News, Schwerin said in his opening statement: "In the course of performing these duties, I had the ability to view transactions both into and out of Vice President Biden's bank accounts while he was vice president."

"Based on that insight, I am not aware of any financial transactions or compensation that Vice President Biden received related to business conducted by any of his family members or their associates nor any involvement by him in their businesses. None," he added.

Schwerin also said that he was unaware of or could not recall that Biden, as a public official or a private citizen, had any role in Hunter's business deals or took action on behalf of his son's clients or business activities, whether foreign or domestic.

He added that Biden always emphasized transparency and ethical conduct in financial matters and that he never made promises or suggestions to benefit his family or associates.

Since the impeachment inquiry started in September, there has been no evidence yet of any wrongdoing by the president. Joe Biden, his son, Hunter, and the White House have maintained that the president was not involved in the family's business dealings.

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