TikTok Expands Its Effect Creator Rewards Monetization Program to More Countries

By Jace Dela Cruz

Mar 13, 2024 03:44 AM EDT

TikTok announced on Wednesday that it was expanding its Effect Creator Rewards monetization program to more countries and lowering its payout threshold.

This program, launched in May 2023, rewards creators for the effects they create through TikTok's augmented reality development platform, Effect House.

The latest update includes a shift in the program's payout model, now specifically rewarding creators for effects utilized in public videos.

This photograph taken on March 7, 2024 in Nantes, shows the logo of Chinese social media platform TikTok.
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TikTok Extends its Effect Creator Rewards Monetization Program 

TikTok is extending the Effect Creator Rewards monetization program to 33 more regions, enlarging its presence to a total of 53 regions worldwide. The newly included regions span across continents, from Argentina to Taiwan, embracing a diverse array of creators into its fold. 

"Last year, we launched Effect Creator Rewards to celebrate our creator community and the outstanding effects they create for TikTok. Since then, creators from all over the world have been able to collect significant cash rewards for their trending effects," TikTok said in a statement

"In fact, some creators have reached the maximum payouts of $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month!" it added.

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TikTok Adjusted Eligibility Criteria

TikTok has also adjusted the eligibility criteria for earning rewards, making it more accessible for creators to participate. Previously, an effect needed to be featured in 200,000 qualified videos to start accumulating rewards.

However, the threshold has now been lowered to 100,000 qualified videos, easing the pathway for creators to unlock rewards for their contributions.

TikTok clarified that only effects used in qualified public videos will be eligible for rewards. It added that this change only applies to all effects published after March 12, and existing effects published before this date will continue to follow the original payout structure and requirements.

The new updates aim to enhance opportunities for existing members and expand the program to more creators. 

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