Memecoins Like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Surge as Bitcoin Rally Continues

By Jace Dela Cruz

Mar 04, 2024 11:35 PM EST

Memecoins are again stealing the spotlight in the crypto market as they soar to unprecedented heights, outshining even Bitcoin's performance. 

(Photo : KNFind from Pixabay)

Memecoins on the Rise

According to Bloomberg, recent days have seen a surge in the value of some of the most speculative cryptocurrencies, including longstanding favorites like Dogecoin, which are now surpassing the price levels of Bitcoin. 

Memecoins like Pepe and Dogwifhat, known for their quirky themes, are achieving new all-time highs on a near daily basis, CoinGecko data shows. With most memecoins trading at nominal values of a dollar or less, traders are leveraging futures contracts on large token quantities to amplify potential gains.

Market observers attribute this resurgence in memecoins to renewed interest from retail investors, drawn in by the recent surges in the broader crypto market, particularly fueled by the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs. 

Notable mentions include newcomers like PEPE and WIF, alongside the resurgence of older favorites like Dogecoin and SHIB, prompting speculation on which animal-themed token will lead the charge.

Despite lacking traditional fundamentals, memecoins have become a favored avenue for retail investors and promoters seeking rapid returns. According to Bloomberg, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are hailed as pioneers in this space, while newer entrants like PEPE and WIF are being touted as the next big opportunity.

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Speculative Trading

According to industry insiders, the current bullish sentiment mirrors previous market cycles, with traders eagerly engaging in speculative trading. However, some believe this time may differ due to factors like the upcoming halving event in the Bitcoin code, which historically has influenced bitcoin's price positively.

Optimism abounds among investors and corporations alike, with MicroStrategy Inc. recently announcing plans to increase its bitcoin holdings by selling convertible senior notes. Despite lingering skepticism from some quarters, others' focus is shifting toward community-driven narratives.

"Previous cycles saw projects pushing blockchain as a cure all for many societal and technological challenges," Ben Yorke, vice president of crypto exchange WOO X, told Bloomberg. 

"Now investors are ignoring those and focusing on what's really important, the community driven narrative which are a hallmark of memecoins and decentralization in general," he added.

As of 8:36 a.m. in Singapore on Tuesday, Bitcoin traded at $67,915, nearing its record peak of $68,991.85 in 2021.

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