Acquired by V3V Ventures for $3M

By David Thompson

Mar 04, 2024 09:19 PM EST Acquired by V3V Ventures for $3M( Acquired by V3V Ventures for $3M) (Credit: Getty Image)

In a strategic move that underscores the burgeoning significance of digital assets and blockchain technology, has been announced as the latest acquisition by V3V Ventures. is a premier cryptocurrency news outlet based in Singapore. has established itself as a pivotal resource within the crypto community, particularly across Singapore and Asia. Its utility spans from offering a user-friendly dashboard for navigating NFT projects to providing key insights from industry leaders, up-to-the-minute news, and comprehensive research on pertinent topics. This acquisition is particularly noteworthy due to's ownership of the "Metaverse" trademark on a global scale. This enhances the strategic value of the purchase for V3V Ventures.

The NFT market, despite facing a tumultuous period in 2023 with a significant 62% drop in volume to $10 billion and encountering nearly $1 billion in losses, demonstrated remarkable resilience. Research conducted by NFT18, an NFT research firm, shed light on the enduring strength of the NFT market. Despite the downturn, the firm found only a 10% reduction in active wallets, suggesting a market poised for recovery. This resilience is especially commendable against the backdrop of challenging market conditions and negative media narratives, including a controversial Rolling Stone article that prematurely heralded the end of NFTs.

The revival of NFT trading in the latter part of 2023, spurred by the proliferation of sidechains and blockchains besides Ethereum, such as Polygon, Solana, and Bitcoin, marked a significant turnaround. This strategic expansion of NFT projects across diverse blockchain networks leveraged the unique opportunities presented by each, signaling a pivotal shift in the NFT landscape. 

Additionally, global interest in NFTs has seen a notable pivot from the West towards Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. This shift is buoyed by significant investments, such as a $100 million injection into Asia's blockchain gaming sector and the hosting of numerous Web3 events, including the FinTech Festival Asia, further cementing the region's status as a burgeoning hub for digital assets.

A key aspect of's influence is its substantial following on Debank. Debank is a crypto-community platform akin to Twitter but with a unique twist where users can transparently view each other's wallet balances. Boasting over 30k followers and a total confirmed fund volume reaching half a billion dollars,'s presence in the digital asset space is formidable.

The acquisition promises not only the introduction of innovative products but also signifies V3V Ventures' strategic intent to delve deeper into the Asian market. According to Mr. Buzz, CEO of, the acquisition heralds a period of growth and expansion, with the entire team remaining intact to develop the platform further and possibly extend their expertise to other V3V Ventures projects. This ensures that will continue to serve as a crucial hub for news, research, and data, contributing significantly to the evolving narrative of the crypto landscape. Acquired by V3V Ventures for $3M

As embarks on this new chapter under the stewardship of V3V Ventures, the broader crypto and blockchain community watches with keen interest. The partnership between and V3V Ventures is poised to catalyze not only the growth of as a platform but also to impact the digital assets domain significantly, especially in Asia. This move underscores the dynamic nature of the blockchain and NFT markets, highlighting the continuous evolution and the increasing recognition of digital assets as a pivotal component of the global financial ecosystem.

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