TRVE Brewing Relocates Production Amid Craft Beer Industry Shifts

By Quincy Cahilig

Feb 29, 2024 01:40 PM EST

TRVE Brewing, a prominent brewery based in Denver, has announced that its brewery will cease beer production at its off-site facility, known as the Acid Temple, and relocate all Colorado-based production to New Image Brewing in Wheat Ridge.

TRVE founder and co-owner Nick Nunns said the decision was made due to a high rent increase and the Acid Temple's declining quality. Beer sales stalled, and raw material costs surged after the COVID-19 pandemic, hurting TRVE Brewing and the craft beer industry, as reported by The Denver Post.

Due to economic constraints, Nunns noted an industry-wide tendency toward consolidation and resource efficiency. Craft brewers like Dry Dock Brewing merged with Great Divide Brewing and closed its Aurora manufacturing plant in November.

Craft brewers face difficult realities, including inflation, rising rent, material prices, and operating in a competitive industry, as Nunns said. Nunns stressed that brewing is a business driven by economic factors, notwithstanding its community spirit.

Craft Beer Industry is Undergoing Changes

TRVE Brewing's partnership with Wheat Ridge's New Image Brewing, which increased production in 2022, reflects the craft beer industry's trend. This change supports industry-wide efforts to adjust to economic problems and find new development opportunities.

New Image Brewing, founded in 2014 in Arvada, established a huge production building and second taproom at 9505 W. 44th Ave. in Wheat Ridge in 2022. Another brewery, Primitive Beer, shut down its taproom and shifted production to New Image last year.


(Photo : CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP via Getty Images) Beers and US dollars bills are seen on the counter at McSorley's Old Ale House in New York on February 18, 2024. 

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Amidst these operational changes, TRVE Brewing, renowned for its iconic heavy-metal-themed brewery, looks ahead to future expansions in Colorado, according to a BNN report. The collaboration with New Image Brewing is not just a strategic maneuver but an opportunity for mutual learning and skill set expansion.

While this transition resulted in some layoffs, it also fostered new opportunities for innovation and growth within the craft beer community. TRVE Brewing's unwavering commitment to producing high-quality, community-centric beer signals a positive outlook for its continued influence in Denver and beyond.

TRVE to Open New Locations

As the craft beer industry evolves, TRVE Brewing's strategic decisions underscore the importance of adaptability and community in navigating forthcoming challenges. Their persistent dedication to innovation, sustainability, and quality ensures that TRVE Brewing will maintain a prominent position in Colorado's dynamic craft beer scene.

While this operational transformation occurs, TRVE Brewing's taproom at 227 Broadway will continue operations. Plans for a second taproom, slated to open later this year, remain on schedule. Axios reported that TRVE Brewing will open a second location at the bottom of Mica RINO, a new residential building near the Mission Ballroom, towards the end of 2024.

TRVE Brewing also intends to create a third location- a compact brewpub-style venue in Denver designed specifically for crafting the smaller project beers.

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