Democratizing Space: C6 Launch Systems' Visionary Mission for Small Satellite Deployment

By David Thompson

Feb 26, 2024 10:38 PM EST

Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch(Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch) (Credit: Getty Image)

Often seen as the final frontier, the cosmos holds immense potential for technological innovation, scientific advancement, and economic growth. In the heart of the space industry, C6 Launch Systems is poised to make its mark. As the company navigates the current market challenges and capitalizes on unique advantages, it stands at the forefront of an extraordinary market opportunity.

When it comes to space exploration, challenges are inevitable, such as the recent postponement of NASA's Artemis project, persistent safety concerns, and skepticism surrounding heavy lift capabilities. However, despite these challenges, a notable market trend emerges—a 48% increase in launch utilization. C6 Launch strategically positions itself to navigate these challenges and harness the evolving landscape of space exploration.

When asked about these current challenges, Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch, responded, "A few of those are making people in the industry nervous. But that said, I think the market is growing very strongly. People are coming to us asking for launch capabilities."

As a small satellite launch provider, C6 Launch stands out in the market with its visionary mission to democratize space with small satellite deployment. The company's focus on launching approximately 100kg satellites to low Earth orbit aligns with the ethos of the smallsat revolution, reflecting the growing trend of smaller, cost-effective satellites. 

"Using a buy vs build concept gives us great efficiencies. We're using technology that's already been proven, tested, and, in some cases, already has flight heritage. By using proven technology, we reduce risk, we reduce capital costs, and more importantly, we just get to space faster," says McCammon.

The commitment to the "smallsat revolution" is evident in C6's emphasis on flexibility and responsiveness, offering a dedicated launch service that caters to individual customer needs. By addressing the challenges associated with timely and flexible smallsat deployment, C6 Launch is actively working to remove barriers and make space accessible to a broader audience.

No satellite gets to space without a launch vehicle. And every launch vehicle needs a launch

Location. C6 Launch has an exclusive contract for the strategic use of the Alcântara Space Center in Brazil. The location's proximity to the equator offers efficiency benefits, with a boost in launch velocity due to the Earth's rotation. Because C6 Launch is expanding the existing infrastructure, capital costs are reduced by a factor of 100 compared to new development. Storage capabilities for both satellites and launch vehicles enhance the company's ability to provide timely solutions, especially in scenarios requiring rapid launches. Radar and telemetry services are available without the need for new construction or outsourcing.

Some U.S. technologies are controlled under the International Trade and Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Missile Control Technology Regime (MTCR) regulations. Brazil was an early signatory to the United States Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA), which dictates how technologies under these regulations are handled. Security is paramount.

"Two levels of defense are delivered by the Brazilian Air Force, and then we'll have our own security elements. I don't think a better and more secure site can be found," explains McCammon.

The company's commitment to flexibility extends to its launch cadence, aiming for 24 launches a year. Exclusive access to Alcântara Space Center ensures C6 Launch can provide a quick response to customer needs. 

Efficiency, security, responsiveness, and a customer-centric approach contribute to a visionary commitment to democratizing space through small satellite deployment. As we stand on the brink of an unprecedented era in space exploration, C6 Launch Systems is ready to unlock the limitless possibilities that the cosmos holds, marking the beginning of a new frontier in technological advancement and economic growth. To learn more, visit

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