Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2024: Amazon Founder Is Only $5 Billion Away From Dethroning Elon Musk as the World's Richest Person

By Jace Dela Cruz

Feb 10, 2024 06:25 AM EST

What is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' net worth? Bezos is currently on the verge of surpassing tech billionaire Elon Musk as the world's wealthiest person. 

(COMBO) This combination of file photos created on July 15, 2020 shows SpaceX founder Elon Musk in Washington, DC, on March 09, 2020; and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos in Washington, DC, on October 22, 2019.

Jeff Bezos' Net Worth: Amazon Founder Is About $5 Billion Away to Beat Elon Musk as the World's Richest Person

Citing the Bloomberg Billionaires IndexBusiness Insider reported that Bezos is only $5 billion behind Elon Musk's $200 billion fortune, thanks to a recent surge in Amazon's stock and a decline in Tesla's shares.

The 12% rise in Amazon stock this year has reportedly propelled Bezos into the second spot on the rich list. Because of this, he has enjoyed an $18 billion rise in his wealth, pushing his net worth to soar at $195 billion.

In contrast, Musk's wealth has decreased by $29 billion to $200 billion, mainly due to a 27% drop in Tesla's stock. The value of around 304 million stock options from Musk's 2018 compensation plan, which was recently voided by a Delaware court, is still included in the Bloomberg's estimate.

Bezos' close proximity, or less than 3%, to Musk's net worth suggests that he could soon claim the spot as the world's wealthiest person if Amazon's stock continues to rise or if Tesla's shares continue to decline. 

Bezos currently holds 988 million shares, or nearly 10% of Amazon shares, valued at $168 billion, while Musk owns about 411 million or 13% of Tesla shares, worth approximately $73 billion, along with his stakes in his other businesses like SpaceX and X, formerly known as Twitter.

It is worth noting that the Amazon founder and executive chairman reportedly plans to sell up to 50 million Amazon shares, valued at $8.5 billion, by the end of January next year. His company's annual report unveiled last week that Bezos adopted the trading plan last November.

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Reshuffling of Bloomberg's Rich List

The reshuffling of Bloomberg's rich list has been influenced by recent earnings reports from major tech companies. Mark Zuckerberg's fortune surged by $37 billion this year to $165 billion after Meta's stock soared 20% on Friday, ranking him fourth on the rich list.

Jeff Bezos was reportedly top of the Bloomberg index from 2017 until January 2021 when a surge in Tesla stock put Elon Musk nearly $10 billion ahead at $194.9 billion.

Although Musk's net worth has plummeted from its peak of around $340 billion in late 2021 to $200 billion presently, Tesla's stock remains significantly higher than its value at the start of 2020. 

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