Republicans Finally Giving Up on Their Attempt to Impeach Joe Biden? Some GOP Lawmakers Spill the Sour Truth

By Jace Dela Cruz

Feb 03, 2024 04:33 AM EST

Are Republicans finally giving up on their bid to impeach President Joe Biden

Following months of investigation to search for evidence of wrongdoing, CNN reported that a growing number of senior House Republicans are starting to realize that they have no reason to impeach Biden.

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DOVER, DELAWARE - FEBRUARY 02: U.S. President Joe Biden attends the dignified transfer for fallen service members U.S. Army Sgt. William Rivers, Sgt. Breonna Moffett and Sgt. Kennedy Sanders at Dover Air Force Base on February 02, 2024 in Dover, Delaware.

House Republicans 'Don't Have the Votes' to Impeach Joe Biden On

The GOP lawmakers have accused Joe Biden of corruption for months. However, after interviewing dozens of witnesses and looking through the financial records of the president's family in the past months, a Republican lawmaker told CNN they still "don't have the votes right now" as they have yet to find evidence of wrongdoing by Biden.

Several lawmakers also told the outlet that they are waiting for the investigation to conclude before making a final decision. According to CNN, no major decision is expected before the president's sons, Hunter Biden and James Biden, sit for their depositions. 

Nonetheless, Republican Rep. Mike Garcia of California, who is among those waiting to see what final report the committees produce before making a final decision, told the outlet that the committee chairs leading the probe into the Bidens gave updates on their work this week to a subsection of the conference, but no one said they had found evidence of an impeachable offense.

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House Republicans Still Have No Evidence of an Impeachable Offense Committed by Joe Biden

The House of Representatives voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden last December, establishing the probe's procedures and powers, but did not set a deadline or lay out any specific impeachable offenses.

The investigation, which was described by one GOP source as "a jumbled mess," has since focused on the Biden family's finances and the business dealings of Hunter Biden and other relatives. 

CNN reported that serious doubts are now building up inside the GOP that they will be able to convince their narrow majority to support the impeachment effort during an election year.

The party has yet to make a formal count, but a GOP lawmaker told the outlet that there were likely some 20 Republican lawmakers who do not think there is sufficient evidence to impeach Biden.

"I don't think it goes anywhere," another Republican representative told CNN, while another GOP source noted that "the window to impeach is rapidly closing." 

Rep. Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican, added: "I have seen nothing. I really see nothing. I know what people say. And I watch the news." 

Biden has already denounced the inquiry as a "baseless" attack.

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