Medivant Healthcare Remains a Trusted Name in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By David Thompson

Jan 10, 2024 01:43 AM EST

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Amid major drug shortages and pharmacy closures, Medivant Healthcare has maintained their dedication to providing quality products on a consistent basis. The pioneering company has ensured the reliable production of generic medications with their fully automated, state-of-the-art facilities. Led by founder and CEO Viraj Gandhi, Medivant Healthcare is a cornerstone of today's pharmaceutical production.

Gandhi founded Medivant in 2018 after working in pharmaceuticals for over 25 years. His experience comes from prominent positions at Omni DWC LLC, Prefunc, and Tailstorm Health Inc., where he was involved with building each company to gain an international presence. In his native India, Gandhi was able to grow Medicine Shoppe India to become the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country during his tenure as CEO. With Medivant, Gandhi sought to capitalize on the unique opportunity to produce generic medications. He recognized that building a fully automated manufacturing facility would allow Medivant to meet demands at a large scale reliably, affordably, and efficiently.

Today, Medivant provides single-use vials for hospitals, emergency centers, doctor's offices, and surgery centers across the United States. Gandhi's vision for an automated facility was realized in 2020 with the opening of Medivant Healthcare's Chandler manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Both the Chandler facility and Medivant's other manufacturing facility in Arizona are fully validated and operational. At these state-of-the-art facilities, Medivant Healthcare produces FDA-approved and ANDA products as an approved contract manufacturer for other pharmaceutical companies. Because Medivant's facilities are fully automated, there is no chance of contamination of any of their products. Medivant's team of 70 dedicated, experienced professionals ensures that all of the company's injectables are safe and compliant.

Medivant's single-use vials are also unique because they are made of glass. Most single-use vials are made of plastic, which has a high chance of breaking down. Medivant products are made to last. As Medivant Healthcare does not produce any single-use plastic, their products are more sustainable and environmentally friendly as well. Their single-dose liquid injectable vials are 1–30 ml each, and their pre-filled syringes come in sizes from .05–2.25 ml each.

A major issue in the pharmaceutical community is drug shortages and pharmacy closures. Drug shortages have begun to affect chronic pain sufferers nationwide. Medications that are typically prescribed for those with ADHD, infections, chronic pain, and more are experiencing widespread shortages and price hikes. Hospitals have also seen a decline in the availability of chemotherapy drugs and painkillers like fentanyl that are used during surgery. Medivant Healthcare is aware of these shortages and is addressing them by scaling their business. Gandhi is advocating for the use of generic drugs that are easier and cheaper to produce while also pledging to ramp up production in 2024 to serve the country's needs better.

Medivant Healthcare has proved, over the last five years, that it is a leader in the US pharmaceutical market. With top-of-the-line products and management that pays close attention to current events and market trends, Medivant is committed to promoting excellence in the medical industry.

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