Spirit Airlines Offers Early Departure Packages to Salaried Employees: Here's Why

By Jace Dela Cruz

Nov 30, 2023 12:16 AM EST

Amid ongoing financial challenges, Spirit Airlines is offering voluntary exit packages to salaried employees to salaried employees, marking the latest cost-cutting strategy by the budget carrier.

According to CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, this move comes in response to weak off-peak demand and operational disruptions, such as the grounding of 26 Airbus A320neo aircraft for engine inspections following a manufacturing defect disclosure by Pratt & Whitney, a unit of RTX.

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BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 25: The control tower at Hollywood Burbank Airport stands over a Spirit Airlines plane as it taxis on September 25, 2023 in Burbank, California.

Cost-Cutting Strategy of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie expressed the airline's commitment to returning to profitability in a staff memo, emphasizing the need for tough decisions.  

CNBC reported that Spirit Airlines had previously taken measures to address financial constraints, such as pausing the training of new pilots and flight attendants, adjusting its network, and imposing restrictions on expense budgets.

The introduction of voluntary exit packages for salaried team members represents the next phase in the airline's efforts to align its organization with the current fleet and business constraints. This is not the first time Spirit Airlines has introduced such exit programs. 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline implemented a similar plan, and its current decision draws from the success of that earlier initiative. Christie highlighted the necessity of making tough choices to ensure the company's viability in the long run.

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Spirit Airlines Facing a Double Challenge

The aviation industry's landscape has witnessed shifts, with budget airlines like Spirit facing the double challenge of rising labor and fuel costs alongside the impact of passenger preferences. 

While these carriers had initially expanded capacity to meet heightened travel demand, the subsequent need for deep discounts to fill planes has put pressure on their traditional business model. 

Furthermore, JetBlue Airways is currently in the process of attempting to acquire Spirit Airlines. However, this acquisition has faced legal hurdles, with the Justice Department suing to block the deal. 

The trial in Boston is expected to conclude in the coming days, adding complexity to Spirit Airlines' current operational challenges.

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