Amazon Introduces an AI Chatbot for Businesses Called Q

By Jace Dela Cruz

Nov 28, 2023 11:54 PM EST

Amazon on Tuesday unveiled its latest venture into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing a new chatbot called Q designed for workplace use. This move positions Amazon to compete directly with tech giants Microsoft and Google in productivity software.

Amazon Q is a generative AI assistant specifically tailored for work purposes and customizable to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. 

The chatbot offers a range of capabilities to support developers and IT professionals throughout various stages of application development on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Q brings generative AI-powered assistance to IT pros and developers (preview)
(Photo : Amazon)

Amazon Q's Capabilities

The capabilities of Amazon Q include a conversational Q&A feature, personalized recommendations for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance selection, as well as troubleshooting and error resolution directly in the AWS console, CNBC reported.

It also features network troubleshooting assistance, integration with supported integrated development environments (IDEs), feature development guidance, and a unique Code Transformation capability for upgrading applications.

Its conversational Q&A feature also allows users to interact with Amazon Q to find information, research best practices, and iterate on building applications on AWS without leaving the AWS console. Users can ask questions and receive concise explanations with references for further exploration.

Amazon Q's capability to optimize Amazon EC2 instance selection provides personalized recommendations for users facing the challenge of choosing the right EC2 instance type for their workloads. 

Users can ask questions like, "Which instance families should I use to deploy a Web App Server for hosting an application?" and receive tailored advice on instance selection. This feature is available in preview across all commercial AWS Regions.

The AI chatbot's troubleshooting and error resolution feature allows users to resolve errors directly within the AWS console for various AWS services. It analyzes errors, proposes solutions, and guides users to fix issues efficiently. 

This capability is available on a preview version in the US West (Oregon) for Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon ECS, and AWS Lambda.

Another distinctive feature is Amazon Q's network troubleshooting assistance, which helps users diagnose and resolve network connectivity issues resulting from misconfigurations in their AWS accounts. 

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Supported IDEs of Amazon Q

Amazon Q is also integrated with supported IDEs, allowing users to ask questions and seek help within their IDEs by interacting with Amazon Q. This integration aims to enhance the development workflow and provide coding assistance.

Additionally, Amazon Q offers a feature development capability, guiding users interactively from ideation to building new features within their IDEs and Amazon CodeCatalyst. 

Users can go from a natural language prompt to implementing application features with step-by-step instructions and best practices directly from their IDE.

Amazon Q Code Transformation is one of its most notable features, which enables users to upgrade entire applications within a few hours through a guided code transformation. 

This capability simplifies maintaining, migrating, and upgrading existing applications by automatically analyzing the codebase, generating a transformation plan, and executing key transformation tasks. 

"With Amazon Q, you have an AI expert by your side to answer questions, write code faster, troubleshoot issues, optimize workloads, and even help you code new features. These capabilities simplify every phase of building applications on AWS," the company said in an official statement

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