Confidence for Success: Boost Your Self-Confidence With These 3 Expert Tips

By Jessel Renolayan

Nov 18, 2023 04:50 AM EST

Renowned workplace and leadership expert Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of "Staff Matters: People-Focused Solutions for the Ultimate New Workplace," asserts the profound connection between confidence and success.

In her insightful perspective, confidence not only serves as a catalyst for making decisive choices but also becomes the cornerstone for navigating the evolving landscape of the contemporary workplace.

In her book, published in February, Low-Kramen says, "Confidence is serious business and the single most important differentiator in the workplace," CNBC reported.

She emphasizes that a person with high confidence and lower abilities may secure a job over someone with low confidence and higher abilities. Low-Kramen underscores this phenomenon by sharing three practical ways to enhance confidence. 

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Here Are the 3 Actionable Ways to Enhance Your Self-Confidence, According to Bonnie Low-Kramen

1. Stop apologizing unnecessarily

Expressing remorse through phrases like "I'm sorry" has become a reflex for many individuals, even when an apology is not necessary.

The habit of unnecessarily apologizing can have adverse effects, potentially diminishing one's self-esteem and causing others to perceive them less favorably.

According to Bonnie Low-Kramen, this is especially true for women. The inclination to apologize excessively poses a unique challenge, impacting individual confidence and contributing to broader perceptions in social interactions.

"Women apologize far too often, and when we do, it indicates lower self-confidence," Low-Kramen writes. "Replace 'I'm sorry' with 'Thank you.' Rather than saying 'I'm sorry, we need to reschedule the appointment,' say 'Thank you for working with my schedule.'"

Low-Kramen emphasizes that women tend to offer apologies more frequently, suggesting a potential correlation with lower self-confidence. To promote a more assertive and positive communication style, she advocates substituting apologies with expressions of gratitude.

For instance, instead of saying, "I'm sorry, we need to reschedule the appointment," she encourages saying, "Thank you for working with my schedule."

This shift in language aims to foster a more confident and appreciative tone in interpersonal interactions, empowering individuals to communicate their needs assertively.

2. Perfect your speaking skills

Effectively conveying your message plays a crucial role in building confidence, but this can be challenging if you ramble or speak too quietly. 

According to Low-Kramen, adopting a deliberate approach by slowing down your speech, lowering the pitch of your voice, and increasing the volume can significantly enhance how your message is received.

She emphasizes that speaking rapidly, in a hushed tone, and at a high pitch can convey a sense of low confidence. Making these adjustments contributes to being taken more seriously and signals that your message is valuable and deserving of attention, contrary to the impression conveyed by hurried or inaudible speech.

"To speak quickly and too softly at a high pitch sends a message of low confidence. It may communicate that you just want to get a conversation over with and that your message is not worth hearing," she writes.

3. Achieve your goals

Taking tangible actions toward achieving your goals can profoundly elevate your self-esteem and confidence, according to Low-Kramen.

"The process of deciding to do something, such as to study for and gain a certification or a degree, is a quantifiable achievement that no one can dispute or take away," she says.

According to CNBC, Low-Kramen underscores the significance of decision-making and the subsequent commitment to action, emphasizing that embarking on endeavors like studying for and earning a certification or degree constitutes a measurable achievement.

Engaging in the process of making decisions and actively pursuing objectives represents a measurable accomplishment that stands indisputable and cannot be diminished by others.

This proactive approach not only fosters a sense of personal achievement but also reinforces a positive self-perception, highlighting the value of turning intentions into concrete actions.

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