Comparing the Benefits of AI-Powered Online Platforms — Introducing edYOU

By David Thompson

Nov 02, 2023 10:26 PM EDT

Comparing the Benefits of AI-Powered Online Platforms — Introducing edYOU(Comparing the Benefits of AI-Powered Online Platforms — Introducing edYOU) (Credit: Getty Image)

When the AI boom started, it quickly became evident that it was only a matter of time before people found a way to use the technologies in every field imaginable. That is the definition of a "boom," and AI especially has found popularity with new applications and use cases surfacing daily. These apps started slowly transforming the world around us, from the workplace to the services we use and even the leisure activities we enjoy.

Dr. Michael Everest set his eyes on changing education by improving learning outcomes when he started edYOU. With a Ph.D. in education and years of active experience helping medical graduates advance in their education and careers, Dr. Everest knew the problems he wanted to solve and how to go about it.

"The decline in reading outcomes is a concern, and many people nowadays prefer to get information in more engaging ways rather than traditional reading. Our technology addresses this shift by offering up-to-date means of obtaining information, catering to individual preferences," he explains. "In this modern age, people expect personalized experiences that cater to their specific needs, and our platform seeks to meet those expectations."

Meeting expectations is one thing, but standing apart in a market that's getting increasingly crowded requires something more. As the sole creator behind the technology, Dr. Everest had to ensure that he offered novel solutions to existing problems in a way that his future competitors couldn't.

He started by creating edYOU's Proprietary Ingestion Engine, PIE. It's a system that allows users to train an AI to match their needs quickly. It can take in information like a search engine, giving the users control over the information appearing in the results.

"While OpenAI offers a range of solutions, our approach is focused on maintaining a fact-based environment and filtering out any unnecessary information. We also have a closed end platform, a safe walled garden if you will. edYOU is a live 24/7 conversational platform with interactions between the student and tutor through a human  AI Being." Dr. Everest explains. "We have a comprehensive platform that has ingested large amounts of data   and are linked to large language models. This combination allows for a seamless studying and tutoring experience."

This selectiveness of information allowed edYOU to develop the concept of it being a safe learning environment, making it suitable even for children. Dr. Everest explains that academia must be neutral and separate from political biases to foster a good learning environment. It also helps that the system is designed to prevent users from accessing inappropriate or harmful content.

"Ensuring a safe and closed system like our Personal Ingestion Engines is paramount," says Dr. Everest. "By utilizing information without relying on large language models, we maintain transparency and promote responsible use of AI."

One of the most impressive features of the platform is the AI being, a human-looking interface that allows users to have a more personable communication experience. Dr. Everest likes to call it "the face of safe AI," he noticed that using a human-like avatar for communication might be especially helpful for certain groups of students.

"Through this AI being, I witnessed how it significantly helped individuals with autism, as they found it more comfortable to relate to an AI than a human being," Dr. Everest recalls. "This highlighted the importance of making education more inclusive and providing a safe and non-judgmental learning environment."

edYOU works as a learning assistant, study buddy, and on-demand tutor who's always ready to help students prepare for tests, find new information, or interact with someone without judgment. The platform allows them real-time access to analytics, letting them analyze their learning journey as well as the school follow their students' journey. Students can discover their weaknesses and devote more work to those areas.

The platform can help teachers, too. Dr. Everest's task was never to create an AI platform that would supplant them. It's always been about helping people do more, and with edYOU, he aims to give teachers a way to combat burnout, which is a severe issue in the profession.

Dr. Everest has big plans for further development of edYOU and its proprietary technologies, with features such as sentiment analysis being in the works. He always mentions the guardrails needed for the development and training of AI, especially when that AI can be used to educate future doctors—people who hold someone's life in their hands. The opportunities that edYOU is creating will help a variety of educational needs. For example, we are in talks with college football leadership in some of the top Pac-10 colleges to help college football players understand the plethora of plays that must be understood and learned.

Above all, Dr. Everest is a true optimist who believes in the possibility of a brighter future thanks to AI. Through his continued work with edYOU and dedication to further its mission and expand its unique features, he's ensuring we get there sooner rather than later.

"We aim to create an all-inclusive environment that truly assists individuals seeking to improve their academic performance and outcomes. Whether in kindergarten or pursuing a medical degree, edYOU is designed to cater to their unique needs and help them achieve better grades and educational success," Dr. Everest concludes. "By offering such a diverse and adaptable platform, we aim to support learners at all levels, ensuring they have the tools and resources to excel in their academic journey. Ultimately, it is about wellness; edYOU helps all involved learn more and do more with an emphasis on bringing a bespoke approach to education."

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