Meet the Talented Team Behind Hounder Digital Design: Sharing Their Extensive Expertise in Web Design, Development, and Marketing

By David Thompson

Sep 18, 2023 05:30 PM EDT

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Nothing beats the power of teamwork when it comes to achieving remarkable results. Whether you're running a football team or working in a small office, working together towards a common goal can improve efficiency, productivity, and the overall effectiveness of your organization. A great team is all about sharing ideas and strategies, and working together to elevate the team as a whole. Joshua Northcott and Justin Hough, Hounder's co-founders, believe that their company's achievements are directly correlated with the quality of their close-knit and hardworking team.

Hounder is a digital design and development company operating for the last seven years. The talented people working behind the scenes are the true backbone of the company. Joshua gives every one of them credit for bringing the company to the level of fame and success it has reached today. 

The company's inception brought with it a new angle when it came to dealing with clients. Instead of following the criteria set by other web designing companies and taking on project after project while producing less than stellar results, Hounder took on a different approach. They take on only a few projects at a time, giving them more time to work on and focus on each one. Moreover, the client's needs and requirements are taken into account, and they are informed of the entire process every step of the way.

Each team member behind Hounder has an area of expertise they excel, allowing them to focus on one project at a time. For example, take Bryan Stifle, Hounder's Director of Design. Bryan gained the bulk of his digital design experience at ESRI, the GIS mapping software company, a role which has more than informed his role at Hounder. Bryan is a wiz at all things design, extremely dedicated to ensuring all of Hounder's clients receive a design system that not only catches customers, but looks good doing it. 

Every digital company needs an expert in computer coding languages, and for Hounder, that person is Austin Amento. One of the two software engineers of the company, he has knowledge of various digital languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React. Austin's title in the team is a Stack Web Developer, using his skills in various coding niches, from databases to graphic designing.

On the content side of things, Ryan Warrick works as Hounder's lead writer. He gained much of his writing experience doing freelance work for a number of businesses varying in size and expertise, and this has given him a leg-up since Hounder provides writing services to clients across multiple industries. And to complete the content team, Hanna Paine works her magic creating web-based press releases, writing technical copy, and editing official documents.

All of this is to say, at Hounder, they don't just work together - they're a family. Everyday, this close-knit group of highly skilled individuals bring their unique expertise to the table, creating a collaborative environment that is truly breaking the mold of traditional workspaces. With open communication and a relaxed atmosphere, they're able to foster creativity and innovation, bringing out the best in each other and producing incredible results for their clients.

So if you're looking for a team that's more than just a group of coworkers, Hounder is the perfect fit. With a family-like culture, a dedication to collaboration and innovation, and a commitment to excellence, they're paving the way for a new era of inspired and effective teamwork.

For more information on the Hounder team and their exceptional digital experiences, check out their website. Discover their values and beliefs, and see why they stand out from the crowd!

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