Crafting the Perfect Smile: The Future Vision of Ryan Savage DDS

By David Thompson

Aug 29, 2023 11:02 AM EDT

Ryan Savage DDS(Ryan Savage DDS) (Credit: Getty Image)

Anyone who has heard of the "Savage Smile" knows that the name Ryan Savage DDS is synonymous with the best veneers in Orange County, CA. As a cosmetic dentist, Savage found a unique way to blend his passions for artistic creativity and medical treatment, which has led to him becoming a premier veneer specialist and mouth reconstructionist. After working tirelessly for several years to perfect his craft and assemble the perfect team, Savage has only continued to grow his practice and solidify himself as the best dentist in the area.

Along with his incredible hand-picked team of fellow dentists and specialists, Savage has successfully built a practice that offers clients a unique, genuinely rewarding experience. A visit to his office means that you can expect not only the highest quality service and the perfect smile but exceptional vibes that have been carefully curated to relax any visitor. The concept of being tranquil and enjoying a trip to the dentist feels like an odd concept, but Savage has always done things a bit differently. With so much attention paid to the client experience that he has put at the forefront of his business for so long, it's no surprise why so many choose him for their needs, but what plans does he have in store for the future?

The sought-after celebrity dentist has remained devoted to his passion and building his brand, but his work so far is only the tip of the iceberg. As a profoundly devoted specialist, Savage sees himself continuing to create confidence for all his clients, one smile at a time. His associate, Dr. Alex Nguyen, who also does veneers at Savage's practice, is privy to the wealth of knowledge he receives from his colleague. Savage looks forward to continuing to share his knowledge and work on smile designs with Nguyen as they perfect the craft of high-quality veneers together.

There's no telling what the future holds, but because of Savage's devotion and love for teaching and mentoring others, he dreams of one day opening the Savage Institute to help share what he has learned with other dentists worldwide. The realization of such a place is not out of the realm of plausibility, as the invaluable insights into the world of crafting healthy, beautiful smiles that could be garnered from such an institution are remarkable. Pushing this idea closer to reality is Savage's ever-growing reputation and popularity as an influencer dentist and the go-to specialist for the best veneers in Orange County.

Savage is currently in negotiations with Colgate to work as their partnered dentist and brand ambassador. But why stop there? On a personal note, the dedicated specialist uses Colgate, Invisalign, Listerine, and Figs (scrubs), so it's no wonder he can see himself partnering with all four brands. Needless to say that each brand would be substantially wiser by using the "Savage Smile" to promote their products. No matter which paths open up along his journey, however, there is no doubt that the only thing brighter than a "Savage Smile" is the future.

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