The Transformative Experience of Building Houses in Rosarito, Mexico with 7 Figure Foundation

By David Thompson

Aug 25, 2023 12:31 PM EDT

The Transformative Experience of Building Houses in Rosarito, Mexico with 7 Figure Foundation(The Transformative Experience of Building Houses in Rosarito, Mexico with 7 Figure Foundation) (Credit: Getty Image)

Embarking on a mission trip can be a life-changing experience. Being able to contribute to a cause, whether it is constructing houses or supporting local communities, fills our hearts with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

Recently, Ryan Whitefield, an experienced real estate developer and builder, had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Rosarito, Mexico, with the 7 Figure Foundation on a mission trip to help build two homes for deserving families. 

The experience was not only humbling but also an extraordinary journey of personal growth, particularly as he was accompanied by his 13-year-old son, Oliver.

From the moment they arrived in Rosarito, the warm welcome from the local community set the tone for their entire trip. People in the neighborhood greeted them with open arms, their genuine gratitude and appreciation evident in their smiles. Working side by side with the families who would soon call these houses their homes, they were struck by their resilience and unwavering determination.

The first day on the construction site was both challenging and rewarding. They were greeted by a dusty but cluttered lot that held the potential to become a place of safety, shelter, and dreams for the family that was currently living in a borrowed trailer.

Their team received guidance and training from skilled professionals at Amore, who guided them on how to put together these specific homes and ensured we were equipped with the knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact. 

The foundation for the homes had already been laid, so the tasks ahead of them were to raise the walls and roofs, make everything watertight, add stucco roofing, and add doors and windows. Each task was a collaborative effort that brought both their team and the receiving family closer together.

Throughout the construction process, they witnessed firsthand the transformative power of unity and teamwork. As strangers turned into friends, everyone worked tirelessly towards a common goal. The camaraderie and shared purpose filled the air, igniting a passion within each of them. Despite the physical demands and long working hours in 90-degree heat, the joy they felt each day was immeasurable.

What made this experience even more special for Ryan was having his 13-year-old son by his side. Witnessing his enthusiasm, dedication, and empathy as he engaged with the local children and embraced the challenges of construction was a proud moment for him as a parent. It was a chance for both of them to learn and grow together, fostering a deeper appreciation for the blessings they often take for granted back home.

Beyond the physical labor, there were powerful moments of connection and inspiration. One of the families they were building a house for expressed their immense gratitude by sharing their story. The father had worked tirelessly to provide for his wife and two children, facing numerous obstacles along the way. 

Hearing their story reinforced Ryan and his team's determination to continue supporting and serving those in need. Witnessing the impact the team's work had on their lives was a humbling reminder of the importance of compassion and collective action.

Leaving Rosarito was bittersweet, as they had formed deep bonds within the community over such a short period. However, the impact of this mission trip did not end there. 

"It awakened a desire within me to do more and make a lasting difference. The experience allowed us to see beyond our comfortable lives, breaking the barriers that often blind us to the struggles faced by others," said Ryan 

Ryan also recounts how, upon boarding the plane to return home, his son turned to him and said, "Dad, I want to do more of this. I want to help those in need." 

"His words echoed the sentiments within my own heart. This mission trip had not only touched our lives but had instilled within us a sense of responsibility toward creating a more compassionate and just world," Ryan conveyed his feelings with passion

Undoubtedly, going on a mission trip with the 7 Figure Foundation to Rosarito, Mexico, was a profound and transformative experience for Ryan Whitefield. 

To be able to construct those houses and witness the impact of their work firsthand was truly humbling. It reminded them of the power of unity, empathy, and human connection. This journey has reignited their desire to serve, and they look forward to future opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

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