Bridging the Gap: How hihilulu Is Transforming Chinese Language Learning for Non-Chinese Children

By David Thompson

Aug 24, 2023 11:31 AM EDT

Bridging the Gap: How hihilulu Is Transforming Chinese Language Learning for Non-Chinese Children(Bridging the Gap: How hihilulu Is Transforming Chinese Language Learning for Non-Chinese Children) (Credit: Getty Image)

Learning a foreign language has proven extremely beneficial for children of all ages and backgrounds. Not only does it improve cognitive function, but it also creates cultural awareness and promotes cross-cultural communication, which is increasingly important in our interconnected world. 

With over 60 million people of Chinese ethnicity residing outside of China, it's no surprise that learning the language has become increasingly popular as a substantial population seeks to attain or maintain proficiency in their ancestral language. According to Holon IQ, approximately 15 million individuals come from first-generation Chinese families, while nearly 45 million belong to second and subsequent generations. To preserve their cultural heritage, families in the diaspora, including over 6 million K12 students, are increasingly focused on ensuring their children learn or retain Chinese language skills.

And the increasing demand for Chinese language learning does not stop at Chinese overseas. In 2022 it was estimated that over 200 million people are learning Chinese worldwide. According to Holon IQ, the average annual growth rate of its market size till 2027 is around 12%, and its digitalized solutions to learners would triple compared to its traditional way of learning. More and more non-Chinese parents are also demanding schools offer Chinese programs for their children.

The demand is growing fast but lacks an effective offer. The current options for learning Chinese often fall short of meeting the needs of this population. The lack of a systematic approach has often led to fragmented curricula and difficulties with teacher availability and quality of education. 

Recognizing this need, hihilulu, an online education platform specializing in the Chinese language, has developed a comprehensive and well-structured system with a unique pedagogical approach and rich content. Understanding that schools require more than just a curriculum, hihilulu began offering a full-service package that includes teacher recruitment, training and certification, pedagogical supervision, and complete management tools such as data tracking and reporting.

This shift allows schools to access hihilulu's theme-based curriculum at seven levels and the necessary resources to ensure high-quality teaching and learning. With hihilulu, schools can overcome the hurdles of fragmented curricula and teacher qualification, ultimately providing students with a more systematic approach to Chinese language learning. 

So what sets hihilulu apart from other Chinese language learning solutions?

At the core of hihilulu's approach is the unique Dualism pedagogy and the Snowballing Method developed by Prof. Joel Bellassen. Dualism pedagogy recognizes and leverages the dual nature of the Chinese language, distinguishing between spoken and written components. It treats oral expression and literacy learning separately, focusing initially on high-frequency words for developing listening and speaking skills before progressing to reading and writing. By acknowledging the distinct cognitive demands of spoken and written Chinese and prioritizing different language skills at various developmental stages, dualism pedagogy aims to optimize language acquisition by reducing cognitive load and fostering a more effective and engaging learning experience.

Paired with the Dualism Pedagogy, the Snowballing Method employed by hihilulu is a highly efficient and logical approach. It starts with a core set of 125 basic components or characters, which is the foundation for building an extensive vocabulary. Through the combination and composition of these characters, learners can form thousands of Chinese characters in a structured and logical manner. This methodology simplifies learning and enhances understanding, leading to more effective language acquisition.

The company empowers schools to create modern, efficient, and engaging Chinese language classrooms by providing a well-crafted curriculum, interactive gamified content, and comprehensive assessment systems. School directors and teachers have witnessed the benefits firsthand, experiencing improved student engagement, progress tracking, and increased cultural knowledge.

One of hihilulu's early adopters is  Le Cours du Rocher, one of the oldest international schools in Paris. Its Chairman, Stephane Lebrati, praises hihilulu's passion, expertise, and commitment to their students and states, "The curriculum was very strong, very organized and systematic." Since implementing hihilulu, the school has experienced growing enrollments and re-enrollments each year, which serves as a testament to the program's effectiveness.

Amelie Mabille, the school head at Ecole CAB in Fontainebleau, also highlights the positive impact of hihilulu's program. She emphasizes the richness and relevance of the curriculum, as well as its respect for children's interests and alignment with the evolving educational landscape. Amelie stated about their partnership with hihilulu, "We are delighted with our partnership, and we will, of course, look forward to continuing to benefit from their expertise in teaching Chinese to our young pupils."

hihilulu has effectively executed its comprehensive service package, which encompasses certified teachers, catering to prominent private Montessori and international schools within Europe and across the USA, UAE, and North Africa. This expansion has yielded impressive profit margins. The company intends to enhance its efforts in Sales and Marketing within crucial markets, capitalizing on its pioneering leadership in the field.

hihilulu's competitive advantage lies in learning effectiveness through its unique pedagogy and proprietary Snowballing method with a sophisticated content system. Its ultimate objective is to be recognized worldwide as the best way for children to learn Chinese effectively. A premium brand reputation will contribute to its attractive long-term profitability based on recurring revenues from school customers. 

Looking ahead, hihilulu is driven by ambitious plans to expand its presence in new markets and collaborate with distributors and large international educational groups. The company aims to bring its transformative Chinese language learning solution to a wider audience, ensuring that children worldwide can access comprehensive and effective Chinese language education.

By leveraging technology, innovative curriculum design, and pedagogical expertise, hihilulu is revolutionizing Chinese language learning, making it accessible, engaging, and effective for students worldwide. To learn more, visit

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