The Digital Revolution in Hospitals: Srikar Sam Yeruva’s Solution to Hospital’s Lost Assets

By David Thompson

Aug 22, 2023 01:03 PM EDT

The Digital Revolution in Hospitals: Srikar Sam Yeruva’s Solution to Hospital’s Lost Assets(The Digital Revolution in Hospitals: Srikar Sam Yeruva’s Solution to Hospital’s Lost Assets) (Credit: Getty Image)

In the bustling corridors of modern hospitals, the sound of beeping monitors and hurried footsteps dominate. Hidden amidst this orchestrated chaos of doctors and trained healthcare workers scurrying to save lives is a silent crisis - the loss of physical assets. From the behemoth MRI machines to the portable telemetry devices, every piece of equipment plays a crucial role in patient care. But what happens when these assets go missing? That's a question that serial entrepreneur and IT expert Srikar Sam Yeruva is looking to answer through Pycube Inc.

The Invisible Crisis

According to a report from Hospital and Healthcare Management, some hospitals lose or misplace up to 10-20% of their portable assets annually - equivalent to millions of dollars. This isn't just about the financial implications - though those are substantial. The operational impediments can directly impact patient care. Clinicians find themselves hunting for equipment, leading to delayed treatments. Beyond the tangible, there's the looming shadow of safety and compliance issues. Imagine the risks if sterilized equipment gets mixed with non-sterilized ones. Such scenarios aren't merely inconvenient; they can be life-threatening.

Updating the System

Several years ago, Yeruva saw how the need for better systems could affect medical care. "I experienced this first hand. My father suffered from a stroke and had to wait several days for medical transport to the mainland. I don't know for sure, but I can't help but wonder if he'd still be here today if things moved more quickly." he recalls. This personal experience sparked his drive to help solve the issue of hospitals and their aging systems. Thus, the company Pycube was born.

Through Pycube,  embarked on a mission to bring a digital solution to this age-old problem. Leveraging the power of modern yet simple technology such as RFID tracking, they developed systems that digitize analog processes, ensuring assets are traceable in real-time. Their flagship offerings, SyncSensTM RFID and aktivuTM, are already revolutionizing the way hospitals handle their assets. For Yeruva and Pycube, the idea is simple. "Nurses can spend hours and sometimes days searching for assets... often purchasing additional assets to meet their needs. That wasted time prevents key staff members from focusing on patient care and other critical tasks. We want to give them back that time."

Beyond Tracking: A Vision for the Future

But for Yeruva and his team at Pycube, it isn't just about tracking. It's about redefining healthcare operations. "We're not just removing pebbles from shoes. We're redesigning the shoe." Emphasizing the need to continuously improve the back-end processes of the healthcare industry,  believes this is a necessary step in allowing healthcare to become more efficient, cost-effective, and more productive in meeting the needs of its patients.

To stay updated with Yeruva's groundbreaking work with Pycube, follow their journey on their official website and or follow him on LinkedIn for more updates. They're not just reshaping the healthcare industry; they're redefining it.

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