Privacy Expert Silvia Doomra on Owning Your Privacy by Managing Your Digital Footprint

By David Thompson

Apr 20, 2023 02:21 PM EDT

Silvia Doomra(Silvia Doomra) (Credit: Getty Image)

Silvia Doomra is a Technical Program Manager of Privacy Infrastructure  at Meta. She was born and brought up in the small town of Jalalabad, in the South of India. She studied at Chandigarh boarding school and has done Bachelor's of Engineering in IT, after which she got a job at Microsoft. Silvia's services include program management, project management, strategic planning, and database development. 

Her passion is understanding customers' underlying needs beyond recognizing and addressing their technical requirements. Silvia loves working with customers and partners to make them successful and bring their feedback back to the engineering teams to build better products.

Silvia is a significant thought leader in the digital privacy and technology space. In digital space, the privacy limit is often vague and amorphous. As a result, those with little exposure to digital space may simply transplant their 'real world' expectations, whereas those who immerse themselves may assimilate a new perspective on privacy. So, people and companies worldwide struggle with many privacy challenges. Silvia helps those companies overcome these challenges with effective strategies by using her extensive experience at several reputable organizations. 

Silvia Doomra is well aware that technology is transforming the whole idea of what is public and private in our daily lives. Almost all our social, personal, and financial interactions happen online, where everything is searchable and publishable. Hence, keeping in mind the emerging need to protect people's privacy, she has invested in the digital privacy domain and deeply understands various privacy regulations; how to strategize the solution, and how to build systems to solve the problem at a large scale. 

Silvia believes that the privacy landscape is changing rapidly and that every country is developing new regulations on how and where to handle different data. To keep the systems up-to-date to meet those regulations, more than technical knowledge of the systems or the privacy domain is needed. Businesses require both to meet the rising challenges of the changing privacy landscape. Thus, Silvia's extensive background knowledge and experience in this field make her an appropriate person to cater to these demands. 

Data privacy has always been a top priority for big companies. People, including company employees and consumers, demand more control over personal data and how individuals manage customer information. However, for other companies, privacy is just an afterthought. So, Silvia's goal is to be a groundbreaker in terms of privacy and make it a mainstream idea, not just an afterthought in the product development lifecycle. She dreams of assisting organizations, irrespective of their size, in making their products and decisions more privacy-aware in a scalable and automated manner. With her current success as a privacy expert, she is quite close to achieving that dream. 

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