How To Manage Time And Scale Your Business With Ryan Carroll

By David Thompson

Apr 13, 2023 12:08 PM EDT

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Time is one of the most valuable resources we have, yet it seems like there's never enough time in the day to accomplish everything we need to do. It's a common feeling that affects everyone, from busy professionals to stay-at-home parents. However, there is a solution that can help us manage our time more effectively.

Time blocking is a technique that involves dividing your day into blocks of time and assigning specific tasks or activities to each block. By doing this, you can ensure that you are dedicating enough time to each task, and not allowing distractions or interruptions to take over. This technique can be especially helpful for busy individuals who struggle to find time for everything they need to do.

Ryan Carroll And Time Blocking

Ryan Carroll is the CEO and founder of  Wealth Assistants, a company he has grown from a team of 3 people to a team of over 250 in less than a year. In a recent YouTube video, Carroll shared his insights on time blocking and how it can help people improve their productivity and time management skills. He emphasized that time blocking is not just about scheduling tasks, but also about creating a balance between work and personal life.

Carroll suggests that people should create a schedule that includes time for exercise, hobbies, and relaxation, in addition to work-related tasks. This can help individuals achieve a better work-life balance and prevent burnout. Time blocking also helps people prioritize their tasks and eliminate unnecessary ones. When you have a clear schedule in front of you, it becomes easier to identify which tasks are most important and which ones can be delegated or eliminated altogether.

Carroll also emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals and expectations when time blocking. He suggests starting with small blocks of time and gradually increasing the duration as you become more comfortable with the process. Additionally, he encourages people to be flexible and adaptable with their schedules, as unexpected events or emergencies can arise.

How Can Time Blocking Help You in Growing and Scaling Your Business

Time blocking can also be an effective tool for scaling a business. As a business grows, it becomes increasingly important to manage time efficiently and ensure that everyone on the team is working towards the same goals. By implementing time blocking techniques, business owners can create a schedule that prioritizes tasks related to business growth and development.

This could include activities such as networking, product development, and marketing campaigns. By dedicating specific blocks of time to these tasks, businesses can ensure that they are consistently working towards their growth objectives. Time blocking can also help businesses delegate tasks more effectively. As a business expands, it becomes increasingly difficult for one person to manage every aspect of the operation. By dividing tasks into specific blocks of time, business owners can identify which tasks can be delegated to other team members, allowing them to focus on high-level strategic planning.

Finally, time blocking can help businesses stay focused on their goals and avoid distractions. In a fast-paced business environment, it's easy to get caught up in urgent but ultimately unimportant tasks. By creating a schedule that prioritizes important tasks, businesses can ensure that they are working towards their long-term objectives.


Time blocking is an effective technique for managing time and improving productivity. By assigning specific tasks to designated blocks of time, individuals can prioritize their tasks, eliminate distractions, and achieve a better work-life balance. Furthermore, time blocking can be a powerful tool for scaling a business. By prioritizing tasks related to growth and development, delegating effectively, and avoiding distractions, businesses can make the most of their time and achieve their long-term objectives. Ryan Carroll's insights on time blocking serve as a useful guide for anyone looking to improve their time management skills and take their personal and professional life to the next level.

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