Successful Businessman Jason White, On How Being in the Coast Guard Helped to Set His Focus Right

By David Thompson

Feb 07, 2023 01:04 PM EST

Jason White(Jason White) (Credit: Getty Image)

There's always a wake-up call for successful people, that turning point that gives clarity to refocus and see things from a new perspective. For expert government contractor - middleman, speaker, mentor, and coach Jason White, this was the case before he joined the U.S. Coast Guard right after graduating high school. 

Before then, as he said in a recent chat, he didn't know how his life was headed. In his words, "I graduated with no direction." 

Jason White grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, in a decent family. It was just an average background where even though they didn't have a lavish lifestyle, they still had the basic things they needed.  Jason's education was basic as well. He went through high school without trouble, but that was about it. Jason hadn't figured out his next step after putting high school behind him. 

Incidentally, it turned out that his friend was going to join the Coast Guard. That was the impetus Jason had to go along and sign up, leading him to a decade-long career with the Coast Guard. Life in the Coast Guard was different from what he knew, as he had to adjust to a different set of daily rudiments. The training and all he went through while in active service helped him to understand people better and to stay focused. 

After leaving the Coast Guard, Jason was introduced to government contracting.  But his time spent serving the country in uniform had built up his discipline level and instilled a leadership mindset to help him succeed in the next phase of his life and business. 

"It broke me down," he explained, "which was needed, and it helped me focus. It helped me with a sense of urgency. So it gave me a lot of qualities that I'd never known I needed; I am very, very appreciative of that!" 

Today, Jason White has built a thriving multimillion-dollar business model as the CEO and Founder of the Federal Code. Jason mentors young people on life and business through his platforms by showing them how to secure lucrative government contracts. 

Over the years, he has earned a reputation as an expert in winning federal government contracts. During his career, Jason has handled contracts from the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Department of Interior. 

However, it isn't as easy as it may sound; there's always a price to pay for business success in terms of time, dedication, and persistence. According to Jason, it took him all of 3 years to land his first contract with the government. 

"I learned on my own on YouTube back in 2008," he says. Jason kept at it without guidance or sponsorship until it paid off. So far, he's secured over 35 active government contracts, many of which would be ongoing for the next four years at least. Since his first big break in government contracting, he's gone on to execute many more major government contracts, helping other businesses achieve the same feat. 

Leveraging the solid experience and relationships he's established over the years, Jason has started a mentorship program to assist others who seek to become government contractors. Jason is very active across several social media platforms, from where he reaches out to his students and followers with insightful tips and guidance on entrepreneurship and how to grow their businesses and create income through government contracting bids. 

Jason cracked the code and developed a special course to teach others how to win contracts. This is an in-depth, comprehensive Government Contracting coaching & training course. So if your goal is to quit your 9-5, start winning government contracts, and master the art of being the middleman, Jason White is the man you should be talking to. His website, the Federal Code, features inspiring testimonies from people he's helped. 

And like Jason White, who wasn't sure where his life was headed at some point, if you find yourself struggling to grow your small business, maybe it's time to sign up with the Federal Code and expand your horizon. 

"Provided your small business can handle such demand," he says, "securing these big orders will bring in significant capital and allow you to expand your business operations considerably."

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