Brian Covey, the Hustler

By Ernest Hamilton

Jul 08, 2021 08:53 AM EDT

Brian Covey, the Hustler(Brian Covey, the Hustler) (Credit: Getty Image)

Age doesn't matter when the only thing matters to you is succeeding. Brian Covey who is 43, is the real example of the fact that success has no age limit. Brian is a leading entrepreneur. He hails from Memphis, TN. Brian is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster, and a fabulous soccer dad. His competitiveness from business translates straight to the field. He throws the suit down and coaches his daughter's league with joy several times a week. 

The path which led Brian so far

Brian always had friends working in the finance department. His parents were also associated with sales and finance. Therefore after observing a good demand for financial requirements in the finance industry Brian decided to enter into the business of non-bank consumer lending and started with loanDepot. Brian started his journey with marketing and finance. Brian has leadership qualities. He focuses on growing personally and building championship teams. "Our current team has experienced tremendous growth from $200M to over $3B in annual funding in less than 4 years. The correlations from sports to business are everywhere and how I lead", Brian stated. 

Brian is related to the Crossfit Athlete training at Iron Tribe Fitness Perform Team. He was a former pro soccer player, former US Olympic Team Member with the U17 and U23 teams. He is fond of spreading knowledge, loves to coach soccer.

He has been a member of Forbes Real Estate Council, host of The Brian Covey Show Podcast. 

When you face failures but learn to outgrow them

Fitness and failure became masteries for Brian very early as his career was affected by the 2007 market crash just years after his Olympic team days came to an end, right when he was raising toddlers. He learned at an early age the power of mental toughness, visualization & how to leverage our energy to accelerate versus stopping.

It's Brian's mission with his new book, "Conversations with Covey", to highlight some of the most incredible stories he's gotten to share on his podcast, the Brian Covey Show. With so many walks of life, industries, races, and various upbringings represented in Conversations with Covey, each reader can likely see themselves in one of these profound messages.

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