Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich on How His Journey Fuels His Passion for Helping Others

(Credit: Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich on How His Journey Fuels His Passion for Helping Others) Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich on How His Journey Fuels His Passion for Helping Others
June 18
9:04 AM 2021

Well-known and double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich has always had a passion for helping others. This passion has come into play throughout his journey, from the life-changing decision to attend medical school to his approach when treating patients.

For Dr. Slenkovich, the decision to pursue medicine came during his mid-20s during a time of deep self-reflection. He explains, "I knew my life was off-course, and I believed that I could do more to help others if I expected more of myself. So began my pursuit of my medical degree and the creation of a medical practice dedicated to helping others on their own journey." Then, when it came time to choose a specialty, he considered his passion for helping others. He says, "I envisioned my plastic surgery practice as a natural fit for my desire to serve others and build a business that made a positive impact." This focus on creating a positive impact also comes through in Dr. Slenkovich's overall practice philosophy and how he defines success as "earned satisfaction through helping others achieve their goals," instead of focusing on monetary success. This goes a step further, as he describes his greatest success as "being able to be a resource for patients that choose to commit to a transformation goal."

When describing himself and his passions, Dr. Slenkovich says, "I exist to encourage others to explore and live the freedom of self-empowerment." His motivation truly comes from a place of compassion, as he describes it as a "desire to be a better me every day." In his daily interactions with patients, Dr. Slenkovich's passion for helping others plays a significant role. He describes his most satisfying moments as "a true connection and partnership with patients who are striving for improvement in their very personal goals."

Dr. Slenkovich did not decide to pursue medicine until his mid-20s. Before this, he worked in his parents' small business. He only decided he wanted to attend med school after graduating from his undergrad. He then took a while to decide on a specialty, and his decision was fueled by his ability to help patients reach their goals. He says that during a "presentation from a visiting lecturer on aesthetic rhinoplasty, things clicked for me in that I could envision combining the challenges of artistic and technical surgery with an ability to work with patients that valued and sought out a professional for their goals."

Dr. Slenkovich's passion to help others inspired him to enter plastic surgery and help people achieve their goals with his assistance. His passion continues in his daily life, both through his plastic surgery practice and direct interactions with patients and by sharing informational content on his Instagram page.

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