Douglas James Shares The Importance Of Work-Life Balance

(Credit: Douglas James) Douglas James Shares The Importance Of Work-Life Balance
June 14
8:42 PM 2021

Douglas James has quite a few feathers in his cap. A Navy officer turned entrepreneur with impeccable knowledge in marketing, he has trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs so far. He aims to help thousands of businesses take off and succeed at a global level but he doesn't let his work compromise his family life. In addition to being a marketing genius, he is also a loving father to his adorable daughter Camila and a dutiful husband to his wife Sonia.

He believes that the universe is set in a way so that everything is balanced. The same goes for work life and family life. He shared some valuable advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs on the importance of balancing work and family that we are going to share with you today.

Meanwhile, if you want a glimpse of his life you can reach out to him on or his YouTube Channel.

Importance Of Communication and Grabbing Opportunities

Douglas James emphasizes the importance of communicating with your family. Just as you allow a time slot for your meetings at work, you need to make time for your family too. As for Douglas James, he ensures that he talks to his wife every day. Whether it's about their near future, long-term goals, or mundane household discussions, he takes part in his wife's and daughter's life in every way possible.

To make it easier for them to be together despite his busy schedule, he takes his wife and daughter on business trips with him. Regardless of the destination, he extends the trip so that they all can go sightseeing and check out new restaurants. It helps him plan mini-vacations for his family frequently.

Happy Family Leads To A Successful Career

Family and career are interrelated. If one goes well, it's bound to have positive effects on the other. Douglas James believes that it's important to humanize entrepreneurs and share a glimpse of your family life with your professional world. Doing so will not only make prospective clients connect better to you but will also show your stability.

If there is trouble back at home, it reflects in your work. The last thing your client would want is someone who is not stable enough to concentrate on work. He believes if entrepreneurs start to mingle their family life with business without blurring the lines, it will help them attract prospective clients, business opportunities as well as create a success ladder for them to grow.

Douglas James practices what he preaches and his success is there for everyone to see. He realized the internet's potential and how it can be a catalyst in the exponential growth of a business. He doubled the sales number for a number of businesses, both big and small. He focused on learning how to make the best of this opportunity via digital marketing, Facebook, and Youtube ads. He not only made his own career thrive but now helps other entrepreneurs do the same.

If you want a thriving business and a blissful family life through Douglas James's tips and advice, you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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