What is Usui Reiki? Holy Fire III Reiki Master Carol Robinson of Angels Among Us Reiki Explains

(Credit: What is Usui Reiki? Holy Fire III Reiki Master Carol Robinson of Angels Among Us Reiki Explains) What is Usui Reiki? Holy Fire III Reiki Master Carol Robinson of Angels Among Us Reiki Explains
June 10
3:11 PM 2021

Healer and reiki teacher, Carol J. Robinson (@angelsamongusreiki) says one of the key modalities she teaches her students is one of the most predominately used forms of reiki practiced worldwide - Usui reiki. This specific type of reiki is named after Dr. Mikao Usui, who reintroduced this form of Japanese energy healing in the 20th century. You will find Robinson teaching this (and more) at Angels Among Us Reiki, a healing centre based in Manitoba, Canada.

Accepting Usui Reiki with Love and Gratitude

Robinson explains that the teaching of Usui Reiki training includes channeling universal energies. These energies are called "chi, prana, and qi" and are directed into a patron's system, she says. Using these universal energies, Robinson can help patrons relax, release, and de-stress, ultimately finding a place of internal love and enhancing the quality of life. Robinson finds that practicing Usui reiki hands-on and in close proximity to the body offers the best results.

She says patrons who visit Angels Among Us Reiki find the experience provides waves of emotional happiness, sadness, and depression. These feelings may be accompanied by energies such as warmth, coolness, tingling, relaxation, or deep sleep.

Awakening the Authentic Self Through Holy Fire III Reiki

Carol Robinson says she reminds her patrons that all the feelings and sensations they might experience are positive, describing them as a "movement and release of stored energy in the patron's body and can be processed with love and gratitude." She says she often reminds patrons "that a soul's experience, whether perceived as positive or negative, must always be returned/released/integrated using love and gratitude."

Holy Fire III originates from the heavens or higher dimensions of consciousness. Healing occurs in the 4th and 5th heavens. The Holy Fire III is a system of healing, which increases the quality of consciousness while providing an extraordinary healing experience.

The energy produced through Holy Fire III is what the ego needs to heal, explains Robinson, which she says happens at each patron's individual pace. She explains that the use of Holy Fire III helps to awaken the unhealed and dormant Authentic Self, opening the hardened shell that we have all created from living what she calls a "culturally-created self."

What it Means to be a Reiki Master

The practice of reiki defines a "Reiki Master" as someone who can only provide healing energy during a session if the patron willingly allows it. It is believed that negativity or pre-disposed self-thoughts regarding their healing session only hinders and blocks energy transfer into their system.

Robinson completed her Usui and Karuna Reiki Master certification in 2008. She says she embraced her calling for the Holy Fire Energy and traveled to Glastonbury and Stonehenge, UK, in 2014 to complete her training. This was done under the guiding hands of William L. Rand. Carol Robinson says that to this day, she believes the Holy Fire Energy is the guiding life energy within her. She continues to practice and strengthen herself in all modalities to always honor her mind, body, and spirit, she says.

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