Dr. Roxy Reflects on Changes to Elective Procedures in Light of The Pandemic

By Staff Reporter

Jun 05, 2021 07:18 AM EDT

Dr. Roxy Reflects on Changes to Elective Procedures in Light of The Pandemic(Dr. Roxy Reflects on Changes to Elective Procedures in Light of The Pandemic) (Credit: Getty Image)

Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe is a female plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, abdominoplasty, BBL, and labiaplasty. Though no members of her family are in medicine, Dr. Roxy says she always admired doctors, expressing that their incredible knowledge inspired her to be just like them. In addition, Dr. Roxy says the human body has always intrigued her.

As soon as she finished high school, Dr. Roxy enrolled in the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. She completed most of her last two years in Austin, TX. Then, moved across the country to attend Plastic and Reconstructive Residency at the Ohio State University Medical Center. In 2012, Dr. Roxy founded ROXY Plastic Surgery.

"I love medicine, but I couldn't spend the rest of my life working in the sterile and negative environment found in the majority of hospitals," she says. "I wanted my workplace to be inspiring and pleasant, a place where I could be surrounded by other powerful women who encourage each other. So, I founded ROXY Plastic Surgery, a place where women could feel empowered to become the person they had always dreamed of," Dr. Roxy says.

What makes ROXY Plastic Surgery stand out from all the other practices, says Dr. Roxy, is its approach to patient care. 

"ROXY Plastic Surgery is an accepting environment where you can come as you are and feel supported by other women. It is truly about empowerment and living your best life," Dr. Roxy says.

Dr. Roxy has helped transform the lives of thousands of women. The popularity of ROXY Plastic Surgery is evident. The fact is that not even a worldwide pandemic could stop patients from flocking to see Dr. Roxy. "When the pandemic broke out, we did have to shut down for six weeks. But now, we're busier than ever," Dr. Roxy says.

Though ROXY Plastic Surgery was closed for some time, Dr. Roxy says her and her team continued caring for their patients. 

"Since we couldn't meet in person, we started caring for our patients virtually. First, we introduced virtual consults via email. This got us from seeing about 40-70 consults per month to 300 per month. We also revved up our virtual care, which has helped us take better care of our out-of-town patients as we have come up with new policies and procedures on the virtual front," Dr. Roxy says.

Dr. Roxy says she also uses social media to share the amazing transformations of her patients and educate her followers. 

"Social media gives us a chance to connect with our patients in a nonthreatening way. We get to educate them, answer their questions, and teach them about procedures they are interested in," Dr. Roxy says.

Those interested in receiving fun and engaging lessons in plastic surgery and joining a community that empowers women can follow Dr. Roxy on Instagram. She uses her platform to educate her patients daily, often having live broadcasts from the OR!

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