Leo Glore a Top New York Jeweler Shares Trends in the Jewelry Industry

(Credit: Leo Glore) Leo Glore a Top New York Jeweler Shares Trends in the Jewelry Industry
June 2
7:48 PM 2021

Jewelry is a massive industry with a global reach. The industry has been booming in recent years and is still growing despite the ongoing pandemic. Everyone seems to have realized that jewelry can truly be a precious piece that offers significant value. In particular, the fashion and entertainment industries have been responsible for the surge in demand for jewelry, especially custom pieces. This has placed the market on an upward trajectory that depicts a promising future for the industry.

Leo Glore is the founder and owner of Glore Jewelry, a popular Jewelry store in New York. Leo is involved in the daily operations of the store and serves as both the manager and designer. He has been in the professional field for over 11 years, making his debut in the professional jewelry industry at 19 years in 2010. He has gradually grown the Glore Jewelry brand scaling it to an elite level. The brand is among the world's best not only in the jewelry world in general but also in custom pieces.

Throughout the years he has been in the industry, Leo has worked with many celebrities in the entertainment industry, including the Kardashians, Meek Mill, 50 cents, Scott Disick, Alec Monopoly, and many others. His unique ability and creative skills make him of the most sought-after jewelers in New York.

According to Leo, the future of the jewelry industry is certainly bright, and the industry is expected to keep on growing. He foresees opportunity in personalization as everyone is seeking to stand out in the market. The demand will stretch from bracelets, wedding rings and wristwatches, and necklaces, or possibly on any customizable piece of jewelry. The availability of customized services close to everyone's door is among the main contributory factors for the rise in demand. Additionally, Leo believes that the majority of the unique designs can be gifted as the personalization of jewelry has become a great way for people with means to celebrate a special occasion.

Luxury shopping on social media is also expected to rise. Leo hints that social media is rapidly transforming from common social networking platforms to more business-like forums where buyers can easily connect with sellers. Instagram and Facebook, for instance, have debuted business and shopping features that enable sellers to showcase their designs and collections. Brands can easily tag their products on a picture and share links to websites to access the product. He gives an example of himself as a brand whereby he effectively capitalizes on his Instagram @leoglore to showcase what the Glore brand offers.

Another interesting trend that is increasing in the jewelry industry is financing. One of the significant customer barriers to acquiring their dream piece is having the funds immediately available. Leo predicts that the jewelry business might venture into more jewelry financing options to ensure that the shoppers do not have any reason to postpone their sales.

The increase in transparency and accountability with consideration to ethics is bound to persist. Leo argues that most modern jewelry buyers are more concerned and show care to understand the origin of the jewelry. The rise of online markets has also fueled the importance of transparency to build on trust as customers rarely purchase from a less trustworthy brand.

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