Addison Hellum Shares 5 Pro Tips to Help Budding Artists Reach New Audiences

(Credit: Addison Hellum Shares 5 Pro Tips to Help Budding Artists Reach New Audiences) Addison Hellum Shares 5 Pro Tips to Help Budding Artists Reach New Audiences
June 2
3:27 PM 2021

With the music industry being heavily saturated and new artists coming to the surface each week, you may wonder how budding new artists manage to reach new audiences. Music manager Addison Hellum lets us in on five pro tips. 

Hellum is a 21-year-old music artist manager. During his career, he has worked with independent names as well as well-known names in the music industry. In 2019, Sony Music tapped him to help break through new acts. Throughout his time with Sony Music, Hellum has been enabling others to utilize those breakout tools to help independent acts in his own business. 

That same year, Hellum created his own music company called Starling. The company works with new and independent artists, and offer promotion and distribution services. Through managing artists at Sony Music, he knows what it takes to help budding artists reach new audiences. 

The key tip to help new artists reach new audiences is to utilize digital media. Hellum suggests that you need to share your music online for people to hear it. Although the radio plays new acts from time to time, online listeners and followers are what will lead to more and more people hearing your music.

The great thing about online platforms is that you can gain more listeners than ever. It can help you share your music with worldwide audiences. Thus, another tip of his is for music managers to ensure they are technically savvy. Managers need to know how to leverage media platforms to ensure that the artist's music is being shared globally. 

To attain the most success, Hellum states that you should share your music on as many platforms as possible to increase the chances of being heard by more people. 

Hellum's other pro tips that have helped his artists be heard and loved by new audiences are for the artists themselves, instead of the managers. Artists should be engaging on social media, create unique music, and never give up. Those three tips are what he suggests to all the artists that he works with. 

For those budding new artists out there, those are tips you should take on board to gain success and new listeners. 

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