Why TikTok Star Ava Bamby Is Fighting Against Copyright Infringement

By Patrick Jones

May 28, 2021 09:41 PM EDT

Why TikTok Star Ava Bamby Is Fighting Against Copyright Infringement(Ava Bamby) (Credit: Getty Image)

When scrolling through social media and enjoying the endless amount of content, do you think about the kind of planning and hard work that goes behind creating those interesting new content?

While content creators put a lot of time and effort into creating content, their work is taken away from them by violators without any consequences. Content creators are getting stripped of their rights to the original content that they have created. Illegal channels distribute their content without consent and credit. This is the story of millions of content creators online. TikTok star Ava Bamby refuses to tolerate her content being stolen and wants to be the change she wants to see. Motivated to set things straight, she has put up a challenging fight against copyright violation.

Ava Bamby's Journey And Her Take On Copyright Violation

Ava Bamby is a military college student who took a distinct path that has led her to become a content creator online. She is extremely popular as a content creator and started her journey on TikTok. This has turned into a full-time profession for her. With her amazing skills in dancing, cosplay, and acting, she grew her follower base from zero to 1 million in a period of just 30 days. However, along with a huge fan base and fame came the nightmare of illegal distribution of her original content without prior consent and credits.

She recently opened up on this issue and explained how throughout her journey, she had to constantly face copyright infringement. She spends so much time and energy on planning, shooting, and editing her content only to have it taken away from her and illegally distributed.

The worst thing about it is that she isn't the only one going through this ordeal. Many of her fellow content creators all over the world are facing a similar crisis. This is what inspired her to take a stand for stricter action against these violators. Through her company, she wants to fight for the rights of content creators and make copyright infringement punishable.

Ava Bamby's Company Aims To Fight Copyright Infringement

Everyone recognizes the problem, but only a few strive to find a solution and have the courage to take action. Content creator-turned-entrepreneur Ava Bamby launched a company that aims to take down illegally distributed copies of original content and protect people from personal data leak attacks.

It's a company born out of necessity because even though there are a few DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) companies, nobody ever tried to track down the people responsible for illegal distribution of content and copyright infringement. Her company will extend its service to not only take down stolen content but also collaborate with the law enforcement department to take criminal action against the violators. They will also work with the government to bring positive policies to protect content distribution on digital platforms for the benefit of content creators.

Ava Bamby is a young content creator and entrepreneur who is living her childhood dream of becoming an actress and having a fan base. Thanks to her unique journey to content creation online, she has created a reputation for herself. You can follow her Instagram and know more about her on her official website.

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