3 Startup Ideas for College Students

(Credit: pixabay) 3 Startup Ideas for College Students
February 17
10:17 AM 2020

It is true that starting a business in college can take your focus from where it's needed the most, it is also valid to say that college has proven to be an ideal ecosystem for startup ideas to be born and developed. The work of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Larry Page, and Sergey Brin (Google) are all great examples of what can be achieved while still being an undergraduate. Yes, it is true that these are isolated extreme success cases that are very hard to replicate for most people, yet you don't have to change the world to consider yourself a successful startup owner. 

So, if after careful consideration of what's best for you and your future you have come to the conclusion that pursuing a student business is the way to go, then these business ideas for college students can help you decide what you want to work on. Enjoy!

Child Caretaking Services

This one will obviously work best with people who are good with children. As opposed to other lower educational level settings, college is full of adults who already have children of their own and who need to have enough time on their hands to either focus on their academic work or to take part in the vibrant social life that most colleges offer an opportunity for. 

You could start by gauging the local market by working as a babysitter yourself, just to get a feeling of how things could work when you decide to scale up the service. Later on, you can start hiring reliable and trustworthy students to handle some of your clients. 

You will most likely enjoy a constant demand for what will keep you and your team busy.  However, this kind of business may be tricky when it comes to finding babysitters that your customers can feel comfortable with. People just won't leave their kids with anyone, and careful consideration will have to be done before endorsing a babysitter to one of your clients. 

Tutoring Services

This one should be easier to implement and if you are a great student, being a tutor can both be a way to capitalize on your academic success while at the same time be something that will further develop your knowledge on the subject you tutor about, as teaching about something is one of the best ways to master it. 

Furthermore, there are many students out there who excel at a particular topic and that will take the opportunity to work as tutors if only they had the marketing skills to find a client for themselves. Here is where your entrepreneurial skills come into play, by assessing those individuals and later endorsing them to interested clients. 

There is also a healthy demand for SAT tutors and you will most likely be successful at finding tutoring opportunities in this area. 

Either working individually or by scaling it up into an agency, tutoring services work great for the dedicated college student. 

Writing services

One of the business ideas that has proven to be among the most successful among college students is the providing of academic writing services. This can be easily verified by taking a look at It looks like nowadays college students are being more pragmatic in their approach to problem-solving and dealing with their academic workload. Learners usually say - Do my assignment for me! The deadline is really tight! they know that professional writers will deliver their papers on time and will help them to boost grades easily.

In a way that's similar to the other two ideas mentioned in this article, offering writing services is a natural choice when you are going through college both because of the constant demand that the academic environment will provide, but also because you can actually become a better student and professional if you work on paper writing assignments for money. It will make you learn. 

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