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Video Game Use Drives Industry Boom

July 26
11:38 AM 2017

Online games have become an accepted aspect of modern life. Not long ago, from a social point of view, one had to have an active interest in technology, the internet and gaming in order to spend hours playing computer games. Nowadays, it's part of most people's everyday lives. Whether it's tile-matching mobile games, online poker, first person shooters or complex strategy games, it's not uncommon for people to spend a couple of hours a week-and sometimes much more-playing online games.

This explosion of popularity has started to spread across all demographics. What was once traditionally-and perhaps a bit stereotypically-the interest of cellar-bound loners has become nearly ubiquitous. This has popularity has translated to tremendous growth in video games industries in recent years as well as an increase in private development and public incentive.

When computer games came in boxes and had to be shipped across the world and sold through shops who distributed their products, it was more difficult to produce and distribute a game. Nowadays with new software always being downloadable, software developers from across the world can flog their wares on an instantly global market-the only concern would be language localization, although it seems that people throughout the world are happy playing some games at least in English.

Being able to enter all-or nearly all-markets across the world simultaneously is especially enticing for smaller, indie developers who otherwise would likely be suffocated by fierce competition. There are even online competitions for app developers who wish to gain recognition. Public attention won through competitions like the B​est Mobile App Awards can prove quite vital for smaller developers who may not have a budget advertising.

On the other hand of the spectrum, there are plenty of large companies who are expanding their online market and even consolidating with real events and publicity campaigns. One of the perfect examples of this is online poker. Poker platforms such as the UK's 888poker have invested heavily in expanding into foreign markets and have often hosted real world events to promote their services. Click here for more information on the poker variants and tournament opportunities offered by the online poker room. With some 100 million poker players worldwide and 60 percent of those being in the United States, poker gaming is an industry that companies are keen to capitalize on.

One of the regional success stories of the gaming industry in recent years has been Canada. Being neighbors with the United States and its formidable gaming industry has been tremendously helpful, but it's homegrown Canadian companies that have impressed consumers and industry insiders alike. Major companies like Bioware, responsible for titles like Baldur's Gate and the Mass Effect, continue to drive the Canadian video game industry. According to reports from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, the industry employs more than 20,000 people across the country and boasts nearly 500 separate game developers. With growth rates in the double digits for several of the last years, the industry appears posed to continue its rise for quite some time.

As with most industries, this trend of nearly constant growth is unlikely to continue indefinitely. But the performance of the industry in recent years and its position as a member of the unusually stable entertainment industry means that it's likely to expand for some time still to come.

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