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12 Pros and Cons of Being in a Committed Relationship

July 19
3:02 PM 2017

12 Pros and Cons of Being in a Committed Relationship

Does commitment even exist in the modern world? It does but the conception of it varies from culture to culture. Many young people now want to have fun, not to sacrifice in the name love. However, there are girls and guys who seek eternal fidelity. It's impossible to say what's better; let's just have a look at advantages and disadvantages of serious relationships.

Meet the Pros

1. You don't have to prove your own worth again and again. There is someone who loves you - isn't it vital for anyone's inner peace? Since you already have a partner, you don't need to hunt for compatible matches.

2. There is a person who knows you very well but still adores you. All human beings are many-faceted: there are traits other people appreciate and flaws they have to deal with. As long-term partners, you learn to adjust your expectations to reality so none of you wears a mask. The ability to be yourself is a treasure!

3. Your ability to handle conflicts increases. Arguments and fights are unavoidable in love life whether you like it or not. We can't control everything we do, say, or think. And we all are different, of course. On the other hand, conflicts are necessary to get to know one another better; they make us more experienced and wiser.

4. It helps you stay healthier. Numerous scientific studies prove that being in a committed relationship impacts human health positively. First of all, it gives you a sense of safety and stability. Likewise, your level of anxiety decreases, which ensures the healthier work of your cardiovascular system. And it is good for your hormones as well! Also, when you meet a Russian woman, you eat the most tasteful meals in the world!

5. Your sex becomes brighter. Having sex with one and only partner for years may have downsides too (see below). At the same time, it brings many benefits. Knowing each other's bodies well, you definitely know how to make the best of every love meeting. As a bonus, you become open to new things because of your strong mutual trust.

6. Joint growth changes you for the better. Over the years, you learn how to be responsible, flexible, how to accept other human creature and keep the flame alive. Such experience isn't too easy to obtain nowadays, when people massively switch to polygamous love.

Let's switch to the Cons

1. Have you made the right choice? This is the question many long-term lovers ask themselves. Magical anticipation goes away with time; some of us become worried about the fact that the rest of their lives will be shared with this one person.

2. It restricts your freedom to act. As a single (or one who doesn't have to commit), you become unable to make all the decisions on your own. There is always another person whose opinion you should take into an account.

3. Meet-ups with your friends become less frequent. The more serious your connection gets, the more time you begin to spend with each other. There's nothing bad about it, of course, but your other dearest people might feel abandoned. Dating a Russian woman, you will be able to see your friends a bit less times a week. However, it makes your meetups more exciting!

4. Your sex life gets rather predictable. The level of passion decreases and it means that your sexual contacts run under the same scenario over and over. You have to work hard to diversify the romance.

5. There is a risk of a breakup. The longer you've been together, the more painful it will be. Unfortunately, many couples part for various reasons and nothing can be done about it. But what I want you to know is that having your heart broken at least once in a lifetime is actually useful. You can learn how to get over a painful breakup on Casanova Style blog.

6. Investing in this relationship may be hard. You are not alone, thus, you are supposed to give up many things in order to maintain love. Sometimes, people have to completely change their plans or habits to remain a couple.

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