Best Ways to Make a Great Investment

June 21
11:40 AM 2017

To become a great investor, you begin by thinking in terms of process and not in terms of product. This distinction is important to your investment success. Below are strategies that can enable you to make a great investment.

Money earned from selling personal time

This is the money gotten from the time spent at an office or anywhere else where you earn a living from. Those who make a living from online uk casino for pro-players and newbies would have so much to share about this. The amount you earn for your time is determined by how much your expertise is on demand. A brain surgeon for example, can charge a lot since the people who can do this kind of job are few. A person who pushes a cart earns so little since pushing a cart is something that anyone can do.

In some cases, to get more money, you should invest in yourself and increase the rate that you charge, work for extra hours or do both.

Interest income on money that is lent

This is income that is gotten from the money that your borrowers give you. If you purchase a certificate of deposit at banks for example, you lend money to that bank and in turn you get a predetermined rate of refunding. The bank receives the money in rents from you and then lends it out on a higher rate and keeps the difference.

Dividend income from owned businesses and profits

These are the profits of a company that you purchase an investment from. If you own 50% and the company's sales is $1,000, with costs of 500 dollars, and 500 dollars in the profit that remains, your profit share will be 250 dollars. A great investment is one whereby the company earns more each year thus increasing the money that you receive regularly.

The benefit of dividend income is that your money goes out and works for you. They are some types of labor that fall under this category. For instance, a salesperson who earns commission on recurring orders with or without work in effect is operating a business. And a singer who earns from a recording star that chooses to use his or her song also falls in this category.

Capital gains on income

This is income gotten from buying an asset or an investment for a certain price and selling it at a higher price. With this, you make a profit.


It is good to use all the four income types explained here. A day has 24 hours and you can only work for some few hours. At times, you might encounter challenges that may make it hard to sell your time. You will be able to increase your earning rate by coming up with a rare skill that is in high demand.

With capital gains, dividend and interest, there is no limit to what to earn. If every year you put your money back to growing its source, you can earn so much after some time.

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